Is dark chocolate better than milk? | Conquer gymtimidation | 5 key strength exercises

This 10-minute stability workout will help safeguard your health when you're older

Dinner party fact: the longer you can stand on one foot with your eyes closed, the better chance you have of staying healthy as you get older. The Medical Research Centre states that people under the age of 40 should aim for at least 15 seconds of single-leg, balance-building exercises to reap the health benefits later in life. To strengthen your stability, try this 10-minute workout with fitness trainer Alice Liveing from the Strong Women Training Club. Performing unilateral movements such as reverse lunges means that you'll be building functional strength in your glutes and core – so you can stand steady, no matter your age.

Not a Training Club member yet? Sign up for your free 14-day trial now for access to two new strength training videos every week, as well as more than 100 technique videos for learning new moves and ensuring that you're practising correct form to prevent injury. You'll also get access to exclusive discounts and offers, plus in-depth articles with tips and advice from fitness experts.


Is dark chocolate really better for you than milk chocolate?

Learn how to strengthen your mindset at the Strong Women Strong Minds Summit

Nearly two thirds of Stylist readers have told us that they've suffered mental health issues in the last six months – from feeling emotionally exhausted to increased sadness from being cut off from friends and family. It's clear that we need support more than ever, even as the world slowly returns to a new normal. 

Which is why we're launching the Strong Women Strong Minds Summit, in partnership with Fitbit: a virtual event that will empower you to improve your mental wellbeing by teaching you how to prevent burnout, optimise brain health and immerse yourself in the natural world. Taking place during Mental Health Awareness Week on the evening of Tuesday 11 May 2021, tickets are just £6. We can't wait to see you there.



Keep your belongings safe in the pockets of these leggings whether you're running, squatting or lifting
Discreetly tuck your cards or keys in the practical hip pockets of these compression leggings
Keep sweat from getting to your phone with moisture-wicking, breathable, quick-dry fabric
ADIDAS / £50
Avoid irritating rolling waistbands with this wide band that also has room to store your belongings
It's hard to spot the hidden pocket on this waistband – which means you can stash your stuff subtly
Keep belongings from flying everywhere with a back slip pocket
Nothing gets left behind when you have roomy zipped pockets on the back and side to store stuff

Feel like you don't belong in the gym? Here's how to deal with 'gymtimidation'

Even experienced gym-goers can get imposter syndrome, especially after an enforced break like the one we've just endured. So much so that the term 'gymtimidation' was coined to describe the intimidation felt by some when entering a gym setting. Sound familiar? Here, a psychologist explains why we can feel like we don't belong on the gym floor and how to get around it.



The simple running shoe hack for avoiding blisters and black nails

Your gut (and tastebuds) will love this fibre-packed quiche

We know what you're thinking: who has the time and patience to make pastry from scratch? But before you scroll past, know that this no-faff quiche base is much less temperamental than traditional pastry, plus it's loaded with way more fibre than a ready-to-roll version.

Made from linseed and almonds, this base contains both soluble and insoluble fibre to feed your gut healthy bacteria and aid with digestion. And if it's a mental boost you're after, the creamy egg and cheese filling is loaded with nutritious fats, vitamin B and iron to keep your tank full throughout the day. Sure, you can join the queue for an outdoor table at your favourite brunch spot – but we bet that your gut will be happier and healthier with this tasty creation.


The only 5 strength training exercises you really need in your life

Stylist's head of digital marketing Natasha Gandotra tracks down training socks that don't rub her the wrong way.

What? BAM Bamboo Clothing Bamboo Trainer Socks, £16.50 for a 4-pack

What is it? Training socks made from bamboo viscose to draw away moisture and keep feet dry and cool during exercise.

The verdict: "I've always struggled to find quality socks to exercise in. It's tricky to find ones that don't rub against your feet from being either too bulky or flimsy – but these socks are the ideal thickness and stayed in place. Plus, they have cushioning on the back of the heel to keep blisters away. 

I also like how soft they are – after my workout, I didn't want to take them off. Being made of bamboo means that they apparently deter bad smells, although I didn't wear them enough to test that claim too thoroughly! 

For the super reasonable price, I'd definitely recommend them for a fancier upgrade to your usual plain socks – especially if you've recently splurged on new trainers. While I won't claim that they will shave minutes off your 5k PB, they do get the job done in terms of comfort and breathability. I think they're definitely worth adding to your exercise ensemble – even more so if they can motivate you to get your trainers on."


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