Michael Mosley: Find out how healthy your heart is

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'Life-changing' new breast cancer treatment can be administered in just five minutes

The new injection can replace the current two-and-a-half hour treatment, which “significantly cuts” the COVID-19 infection risk for cancer patients by reducing the amount of time they have to spend in hospital.
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The blobfish: a bloated guide to the world’s ugliest animal

Meet an unlikely poster child for marine conservation.
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Michael Mosley: Why you should get to grips with your heart rate

With a few simple calculations, you can easily figure out how healthy your heart is.
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Discover 99 Maps to Save the Planet
Presenting a wealth of innovative scientific research and data in stunning, eye-catching infographics, 99 Maps to Save the Planet provides us with illustrated snapshots of the perilous state of the planet and the challenges we face to save it. Enlightening, witty, a bit frightening, but definitely inspiring, 99 Maps presents the facts. And the facts speak for themselves. Once we know them, what excuse do we have for failing to act?
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Podcast: The bizarre biology of the mantis shrimp

We speak to Dr Martin How about the mantis shrimp's unique vision, deadly weaponry and curious communication.
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Why do some animals need more than two eyes?

Asked by: Fatima, Manchester
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