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The Ultimate Incubator: The Brave New World of Bionic Babies

The Ultimate Incubator: The Brave New World of Bionic Babies

Engineers and doctors are building tech to help the most vulnerable humans: extremely premature fetuses whose lungs aren't yet fully developed. This "artificial placenta" system will stand in for the mother's womb if she can't carry to term.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Consider the Pigeon, a Surprisingly Capable Technology
For point-to-point communication, nothing beats a pigeon. Except, occasionally, a hawk.
Is Cyberwar War?
Can nation-states defend themselves from hackers and one another?
Deep Learning Isn't Deep Enough Unless It Copies From the Brain
Jeff Hawkins, the Palm Pilot's creator, thinks AI needs much more neuroscience in the mix.
The Mars Sample Return Mission Will Be a First for Humankind
The biggest challenge for a multi-mission robotic lift-off from an alien planet: It must work right the first time.
New Tool Strips Manipulative
Many apps try to trick us into doing things we didn't mean to, but a new tool could help take back control.

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