100-year-old Tesla invention impresses modern scientists

Plus, China's first images from Mars, breathing through your butt, Hubble detects more mysterious deep space signals and much more!
Hello, humans!

Gonna be upfront here: Amongst our usual fare of spectacular space news, we have some ... strange science this week. You can thank CNET contributing editor Eric Mack for the first of them: scientists have figured out that mammals, like you and I, can breathe through our butts in emergencies. And that's not all Eric delivered this week. There's also a story on the invincible water bears being shot from a gun. There's also stories on China's Mars rover above, a Nikola Tesla invention from a century ago that makes a lot more sense today and more mysterious radio signals from deep space... It's not aliens, though.

It was a solid week for weird science but a quiet week for questions. So, I'm doing something a little different this week and highlighting a piece I really loved reading from the week before (not necessarily on CNET!) And so... here's the Shout.

📣The Shout📣

One thing the pandemic may have been good for? People writing about burnout. Type burnout into Google and you'll get 1,000 different strategies to cope with it. That's why this article on burnout by Jill Lepore in the New Yorker is so great. You won't find any ways to deal with burnout here, just a dissection of humanity's seemingly eternal relationship with feeling burnt out. The last paragraph is particularly powerful. "People across all walks of life," Lepore says, "really are worn down, wiped out, threadbare, on edge, battered, and battle-scarred." So, you know, take some time for yourself this week. And if you have a burning question, send me an email or a message on Twitter and check next week for an answer. Have a great week!

Enim scientia et astra!
Jackson Ryan Jackson Ryan
Science Editor, CNET
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