3 ways to take your eggs to the next level

This is how to enjoy perfect eggs, however you like them
With renowned egg restaurant Eggslut now offering outdoor dining, we spoke to executive chef Bruno Pires to find out how to cook your eggs like a pro…

The UK might only have been (slightly) unlocked for a couple of weeks, but already, securing yourself a table for some al fresco dining is turning into an Olympic sport. Allow us then to direct you to Eggslut, the gourmet egg restaurant whose two London locations at 19 Percy Street and 185 Portobello Road are now offering outdoor dining (with indoor dining coming on May 17) with no bookings required…

If you've never eaten at Eggslut before, picture the dreamiest eggs imaginable, served up in a variety of innovative and extremely Insta-worthy dishes. We're particularly hooked on the Fairfax – the ultimate breakfast sandwich, pairing fluffy scrambled eggs with American cheese, chives and fiery sriracha mayo. Truly the food of the gods.

Can't get down to either restaurant just yet? Eggslut is available to order on Deliveroo, but you can also have a go yourself - we asked Executive Chef Bruno Pires how you can have a bash at making the Fairfax at home, while also getting his tips on how to coddle and fry the perfect eggs. Read on below…

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1. The Fairfax

Crack three eggs into a cold pan with a knob of butter. Stir together to create a uniform colour then turn on the heat. Turn the eggs slowly using a spatula for a velvety texture, folding them over from the bottom of the pan to create layers. When eggs are no longer loose, sprinkle with chives and remove from the pan. Place between a brioche bun, add some Sriracha mayo and top with a slice of melted cheddar cheese and some caramelised onions. Enjoy.

2. The perfect coddled egg

Place 50 grams of potato purée in a small jar with a lid and top with a raw egg. Fasten the lid and cook in a saucepan of water on a very low temperature, checking the consistency of the egg every 5 minutes. You want a liquid yolk with a jelly-like white. When cooked, garnish with rock salt and chives, mix the egg with the puree and enjoy with baguette soldiers.

3. The over-easy egg

What does over-easy actually mean? In a nutshell it's an egg that's been fried on both sides, with a yolk that stays runny. To try it, add a dash of oil to a small frying pan over a medium heat, crack in your egg and wait until the white is fully cooked – it will slide easily when ready. Angle the pan down so that the egg moves towards the edge furthest away from you, and then flip the egg, yolk-side down. Cook for a further 15 seconds and then flip back over to serve.

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