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What She Loves: Shalom Brune-Franklin
The Line Of Duty actor and cover star of this week's issue of Stylist shares her current obsessions     

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser
"This is my go-to. It's so good, it's not stupidly expensive and it's really hydrating; I love it. I should just drink more water really." From £18, Lookfantastic

The Village
"I love a bit of true crime, but not when I'm staying in the Australian Outback by myself [Shalom is currently there filming The Tourist with Jamie Dornan]. It's not the right time to listen to a serial killer podcast. But this one [about missing and murdered men in Toronto's gay community, dating back to the 1970s] was interesting, because it's more about the issues of the time." Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Shea Moisture hair products
"I discovered Shea Moisture on the Think Dirty app. You scan a barcode or type in a product name and it rates it from one to 10 – one being a clean, amazing product and 10 meaning it contains loads of harmful chemicals. Shea Moisture always comes up as really good. I've had bad experiences before using stuff that made my hair thin or fall out, but these products are cheap and cheerful and work wonders for me." From £3.50, Beauty Bay

Tetley Tea Bags
"I drink so much tea – proper English breakfast tea. At the moment I'm drinking Dilmah tea [a Sri Lankan brand popular in Australia], but my nan has Tetley tea in the cupboard which is what I drink as soon as I'm in the UK, with just the right amount of milk." £2, Ocado

Glossier Cloud Paint
"I am so shit at make-up. I just don't have any patience to sit there and practise properly. But I really like this because it's so easy to use. You just put it on and it's done." £15, Glossier


We're calling it: the paloma will be the cocktail of summer 2021 – and pleasingly, it's simple to make at home
PATRON / £44.95
Supposedly created in the 50s, the paloma (Spanish for 'dove') is tequila-based, like Mexico's other more famous cocktail
Created especially for cocktails, shake 30ml of Eager's pink grapefruit juice with tequila, lime juice, agave syrup and ice
Don't even think about using pre-squeezed lime juice from a bottle – there may only be 15ml in the recipe but it must be fresh
While you can use regular sugar syrup, agave syrup is sweeter which means you use less of it to balance the grapefruit's bitterness
Palomas should be served be in a highball glass, poured over ice – this crystal cut pair is surprisingly affordable
TWO KEYS / £1.69
Pour the shaken tequila, lime juice, agave syrup and grapefruit juice into a glass and top with pink grapefruit soda


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Help the planet and the refugee crisis with this new fashion collaboration

Back in 2015, Jaz O'Hara – then a 25-year-old Londoner working in the fashion industry – began raising money for people living in the Calais refugee camp known as 'The Jungle'. What began as an online fundraiser snowballed into The Worldwide Tribe, a human rights charity (and 54,000-strong Instagram community) that shines a spotlight on the human stories of migration and supports grassroots refugee projects.

Now, O'Hara has gone back to her fashionable roots by collaborating with sustainable London label Gung Ho. The Gung Ho x The Worldwide Tribe collection ranges from loungewear to wear-forever dresses: we're particular fans of the embroidered 'We Are All Human' T-shirt (£34), navy teacup sweatshirt (£102) and festival-ready jumpsuit made from recycled plastic bottles (£275). We're also in love with the collection's maximalist campaign imagery (starring O'Hara, her mum Oeda and foster brothers Mez and Bego, both of whom came to the UK as refugees), which puts paid to any notion that sustainable fashion must look basic and neutral. To reduce textile waste, pieces can be pre-ordered now for delivery in August – and 10% of all profits will go directly to The Worldwide Tribe. Joyful slow fashion for a genuinely important cause? We couldn't be more on board. From £34, Gung Ho

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