#AfricaMonth: There's music in the air

Africa's next wave of talent and emerging pan-African fashion designers
GLAMOUR South Africa
Pan-African rising star, Dede Speaks takes us on a journey of feelings
that explore identity

A peculiar blend of afrobeats, hip-hop, and blues 
Steve French

Steve French, a Ghanaian designer and Gucci Fellow that also designs clothes for Naomi Campbell
Honouring tradition to create new artistic expressions

Elaine, Blaq Diamond & Focalistic are on the Africa Day Concert line up
A Pan African event, featuring trailblazing stars across the continent
GLAMOUR South Africa
Designer Jermaine Bleu

Emerging designer Jermaine Bleu seeks togetherness through their campaign lookbook
Effortlessly elegant, chic, and sexy

Ami Faku, Msaki, Sha Sha
Ami Faku, Msaki, Sha Sha set to
headline 'Bassline Fest I Am Home' Africa Day Special

Exploring the joy, liberation, refuge, power and community of music from the African continent
GLAMOUR South Africa


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