Fest Head Shane Smith on Hot Docs; 'BLIX' Pick Up; Dogwoof Takes HK Protest Pic

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Hot Docs

No. 1 | May 3, 2021

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'The Bar Keeps Getting Raised': Hot Docs Programming Head Shane Smith on Mounting a Second Pandemic Edition

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the curtain rises on Toronto's Hot Docs, one of the world's leading documentary film fests.

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Hot Docs, Changing Face of Europe Offer Snapshot of Continent in Flux

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'My Octopus Teacher' Is Having Moment in the Sun, but More African Documentaries Are Rising to the Surface

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'A.rtificial I.mmortality' Review: Surveying New Technologies to Cheat Death

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'The Rossellinis' Review: An Outsider's Inside View of a Dysfunctional Celebrity Dynasty

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'Writing With Fire' Review: Rousing, Inspirational Tribute to the Pride of Grassroots Indian Journalism

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'Misha and the Wolves' Review: An Extraordinary Holocaust Survival Story. Or Not

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'In the Same Breath' Review: Nanfu Wang's Disquieting Look at the Early Days of COVID in Wuhan

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'Searchers' Review: Modern Dating Doc Swipes Right on a Fine Array of Singletons

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