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Build full-body strength and mental resilience with the Turkish get-up

Movement may be as essential to your mental wellbeing as a Sunday self-care session followed by a Friends binge, but exercise can do more for your brain than just destressing it. Learning to perfect a skill-based move such as the Turkish get-up will improve your patience, resilience and determination.

This advanced exercise hones focus by challenging your balance, flexibility and focus. It also builds serious shoulder, arm and core strength, making it the ultimate body and brain burner. Stick with trainer Janine George as she leads you through this Strong Women Training Club workout, which culminates in the ultimate mental challenge: burpees. You'll really need a relaxing soak after that. 

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Why you shouldn't give up your lockdown fitness routine just because gyms are open again

At long last, we can spin, dance and sprint ourselves silly – without dripping sweat all over the carpet or knocking over our bedside table. But, writes Strong Women editor Miranda Larbi, you shouldn't stop what you'd been doing during lockdown just because there are (finally) more options. Here's why it's worth making room for home, gym and outdoor exercise in our lives.


How to skip if you're a total beginner (without tripping over the rope)

Before you nail your skipping technique, you need the right kit. These jump ropes will help you avoid a tangle while improving stamina and strength
Keep track of your progress with the high-tech LED light that projects your jump count into mid-air
DOPE ROPES / £19.99
Beginner-friendly beads help you feel the rope's flow to perfect the timing of your jump
TMT / £22.99
These sleek ropes have ergonomic handles and an in-built digital counter to keep track of your jumps
MEGLIO / £11.99
This plastic rope is designed for safe jumping, even indoors, with anti-tangle technology
MIRAFIT / £15.95
If functional strength is your thing, this thick rope provides an extra upper-body challenge
Work on speed and enduranace with an adjustable rope that helps to limit tripping

"These are the 6 pilates stretches that helped ease my neck pain"


Get porridge's energy-boosting benefits in the form of a chocolate loaf

Porridge is the breakfast of champions for a reason: it's a source of fibrous beta-glucan (which aids digestion and sustains energy), as well as muscle-loving minerals like iron and magnesium. If your morning bowl isn't inspiring you anymore, there are plenty of different dishes in which to use your bag of oats.

This chocolate loaf is made from grinding the grain into a flour to create a baked porridge/bread hybrid. As well as tasting delicious, it's antioxidant-rich and contains hidden veg for a cheeky vitamin C boost. All the benefits of porridge served up in chocolate bread? We're sold.


13 signs you could be overtraining (and the real impact of too much exercise)

Stylist's features editor Meena Alexander sets out to see if an energising tea can really replace her coffee habit. 

What? Mission Tea personalised box, from £38.40

What is it? A selection of teas designed to keep you energised without the caffeine slump, made from natural, sustainable ingredients. 

The verdict: "I am in a long-term, committed relationship with my coffee machine. It's the first thing I head for in the morning and the pick-me-up I need in the afternoon. When I'm feeling particularly tired, I'll even have a rogue cup in the evening. But I inevitably pay the price with caffeine crashes and the occasional restless night.

So I was keen to try Mission, a tea brand that promises a natural, slow-release energy boost in place of coffee or traditional energy drinks. I tried three of their top sellers: Energise, made with green tea, cocoa and ginger; Perform, a yerba mate tea with lemongrass and mint; and Recover, roobois with berry and ashwagandha.

They all taste great – each plastic-free bag is full of flavour and packs a punch whether you drink it hot or infuse it to fill up your water bottle. A cup of Energise every morning made me feel fresh and alert until lunchtime – with only 10-20mg of caffeine compared to coffee's 300mg, it doesn't give you that instant hit, but equally there's no slump as you feel the effects wear off, either.

I interspersed my days with the Perform and Recover teas, depending on whether I planned to work out that day, and noticed that overall I felt less lethargic in the evenings without the usual yoyo-ing of my caffeine levels. If you want a gentle nudge during a busy day, rather than random bursts of acceleration, choosing a cleverly formulated tea like Mission is a good idea. It won't completely replace coffee for me, but I'm convinced that a mix of the two will be far better for my body and mind."


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