These are the 10 traits recruiters are looking for

It seems obvious: Leaning into your strengths at work is a surefire way to stand out—and get more done in less time. But accurately identifying what we're best at can be hard, Maika Leibbrandt, senior workplace consultant at Gallup, tells Fast Company writer Gwen Moran. “I think, as human beings, no one is naturally, really good at knowing how they show up in the world on their own,” she says.

Given this challenge, Moran lays out how best to identify your personal strengths and gradually shift your role so that you can spend more time doing things that you're naturally good at. It takes some self-reflection, but it's a worthwhile undertaking—especially if you're looking to grow your career this year. Read more.

Julia Herbst
work life
5 ways to identify the strengths that will make you more effective at work

When you align your work and your strengths, you work better and more efficiently. Here’s how to start.

This personality trait could be holding you back from success

If you tick these three boxes, the bad news is your personality may be a big handicap to your career, even though it should be an asset.

Knowing these 4 mindsets will help you work better with others

Knowing your tolerance for risk and threat, as well as that of your colleagues, will help you work better together.

We have to have ethical AI, just like we have to have ethical data privacy and data collection."
Tim Cook, Apple CEO
job hunting
These are the 10 traits recruiters are looking for

In a recent study, recruiters ranked what they consider to be the most important traits for job applicants.

work life
How to find a job that fits your personality type

Different jobs satisfy different Myers-Briggs types, says author Kelly Tieger, so it’s important to know your temperament.

career evolution
How To Play To Your Distinctive Strengths

Finding what you do better than anyone else and matching it to a problem that needs solving can be the key to success.

job hunting
How Not To Discuss Your Strengths And Weaknesses On Job Interviews

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be prepared.

job hunting
This is how you should answer “What are your strengths?”

It’s one of the most common interview questions. These are the answers that hiring managers say they are looking for.

It’s time to quit fast fashion. These 12 ethical, eco-friendly clothing brands will revamp your wardrobe

It’s time to quit fast fashion. These 12 ethical, eco-friendly clothing brands will revamp your wardrobe

These 8 websites will deliver gorgeous flowers and plants directly to your door

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