15-minute hip mobility session | Tackle social fatigue | Tips for beginner cyclists

Ease pain and improve performance with this 15-minute hip mobility session

Running and lifting can be tough on your hips – particularly if you tend to follow your gym visits with a solid nine hours at your desk. Finding time for joint-opening sessions between work and workouts can be tricky, but the good news is that it takes minutes – not hours – to work on those hard-to-stretch areas that always feel tight. 

This hip-opening, lower-body mobility session, led by Strong Women Training Club trainer Emma Obayuvana is the 15-minute reset you need. She'll have you working through windshield wipers and low lunges to not only ease pain but also improve range of motion so you can squat deeper and jump higher.

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Get stronger by doing less – what you need to know about deload weeks

You know about the importance of rest days to help your muscles regrow and your nervous system to recover from the stress of training. But sometimes your body needs more than just a day off – particularly if you've been following a tough workout plan for a while. Here's why a deload week could be the way out of your training plateau or aching muscles. 


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Nailing nutrition can be tricky, which is why MOJU Drinks decided to launch their multi-functional range of ginger and turmeric shots with daily essentials


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This 'magic' chilli recipe is post-workout heaven for your muscles and mind

Whether you eat it veggie or with meat, spicy or mild, you can't go wrong with a one-pot chilli. The next time you make this easy midweek meal, why not give it a body-loving upgrade with this 'magic chilli' recipe, so named for its mood-improving and energy-boosting properties?

Laden with nutrients, including endorphin-boosting selenium and iron-rich beans for optimum energy, the real star of the show is magnesium. The mineral keeps tiredness at bay, supports the body's recovery and performance and reduces stress. Good for the mind, muscles and mouth. 


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