How to spot a toxic culture by reading between the lines of a job ad

Most of us spend a considerable number of hours “at work”—whether we’re in a physical office, behind a counter, or answering emails from our couch. So finding a company culture that’s a good fit (or at least not toxic to your health) is key. But how do you figure this out early on in the search process, before you’ve actually committed to working there? Writer Stephanie Vozza investigates how job ads can reveal clues about what a company’s priorities are, so you can figure out if it might be a fit. “Job ads are meant to target the types of people companies want to attract, but they can also provide potential candidates with some clues to a company’s culture,” she writes. “By reading between the lines, you may be able to discern whether you’d thrive.”

Julia Herbst
career evolution
How to spot a toxic culture by reading between the lines of a job ad

These ads are meant to target the types of people companies want to attract, but they can also reveal something about a company’s culture. Read more.

how to fix it
How to fix your toxic culture

Office culture doesn’t turn toxic because of a few bad seeds. It turns toxic because leadership didn’t see or outright ignored the signs that something was amiss. Read more.

workplace culture
Ask these 10 questions to find out if your hybrid workplace could be toxic

“With 83% of workers preferring hybrid work, employers would be wise to examine their current practices and integrate hybrid work into their long-term plans. That said, employees and job seekers should approach these changes with caution.” Read more.

5 strategies to fix a toxic workplace

An epigenetics coach explains the key tactics that will assist leaders to repair work cultures torn apart by blame, lack of accountability, and trauma such as the one that flourished on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ Read more.

toxic hire
How to spot a potentially toxic hire during a job interview

Making the right choice during hiring is critical. Here’s how to spot someone who might negatively impact your company’s culture. Read more.

toxic colleagues
Psychologists have finally figured out why your toxic colleagues climb to the top at work

Two words: social skills. Read more.

workplace evolution
3 red flags that show a company doesn’t really value diversity and equity

In 2021, it’s become hard to discern when a company has only a passing, superficial interest in DEI work. Here’s what job seekers should watch out for. Read more.

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