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This 15-minute morning stretch routine will prep your body for the day ahead

Your body needs more than a triple-shot flat white (or two) to wake up. After a night of lying prone, what it really needs is a good wriggle to loosen stiff muscles and joints. Even if your only plan is to sit at your desk-slash-kitchen table for the rest of the day, working through the full range of motion first thing in the morning will help reduce tightness and pain. 

In this speedy Strong Women Training Club mobility stretch routine, trainer Emma Obayuvana lubricates the spine with simple roll-downs before moving into variations of the world's greatest stretch – the best for opening up tight areas like the hamstrings, hip flexors and shoulders. Move into cobra to release your back, stretch out the chest and activate your glutes for the day ahead, then you're free to pop the espresso machine on.

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Expert tips for dealing with post-exercise bloating (and why it happens in the first place)
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The really simple way to make fitness a habit you actually stick to

Still trying to claw your way back into a regular exercise routine after lockdown? 'Habit stacking' could be the answer to making workouts something you just do, rather than something you have to force. Here, one writer explains how she made working out part of her daily routine with one simple change. 


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7 ways you can improve your diet now to help your future health
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Get 30% off good gut health this summer

Dream summer vibe: floaty dresses, beer gardens and warm weather. Nightmare summer vibe: bloating, indigestion and a general feeling of sluggishness. Poor gut health is a real buzz-kill, which is why we're so relieved to have discovered The Nue Co.'s range of digestive supplements, whose clinically proven formulas are designed to aid digestion and relieve painful bloating in double quick time.

Wondering where to start? Well, when you feel like you've swallowed a balloon, reach for DEBLOAT FOOD + PREBIOTIC, which blends anti-inflammatories like cinnamon, ginger and turmeric to relieve painful bloating instantly while also supporting digestion and gut health. Then to make yourself less prone to that kind of episode, try the PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC, which delivers a 15 billion-spore dose in a time-delay capsule to ensure it starts working when it reaches your small intestine (and is specially formulated to help fight IBS symptoms like bloating and constipation).

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Stress could be stopping you from getting stronger – here's why
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This flavourful, nutrient-rich twist on a jacket potato is the WFH lunch of dreams

A protein shake may be your post-workout go-to, but what plant-based protein sources do you turn to when you need a hearty meal? This quinoa and black bean-loaded tattie recipe is bursting with flavour, colour and muscle-loving nutrients – making it the perfect dish to eat after a sweaty workout. Quinoa is packed with all of the essential amino acids, making it an excellent source of protein for non-meat eaters, while black beans are rich in fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C for general wellbeing. Plus, as you probably already know, sweet potato is a slow-release carb that's guaranteed to keep you feeling comfortably full.

And that's not all – add mashed avocado (rich in unsaturated fats and vitamin E), tomato (lycopene, which improves heart health) and sweetcorn (more fibre) for even more health benefits. Even the coriander topping has tonnes of health benefits, including good gut health and digestion. We know what we'll be having for lunch today…


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