What’s the deal with bacterial nanotubes?

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June 7, 2021

Feature: What's the Deal with Bacterial Nanotubes?

By Sruthi S. Balakrishnan

Several labs have reported the formation of bacterial nanotubes under different, often contrasting conditions. What are these structures and why are they so hard to reproduce?

Hippocampal Cell Communication Is Bidirectional: Study

By Christie Wilcox

In an unexpected twist in neuroscience dogma, the cells on the receiving end of neurotransmission appear to be able to release glutamate to regulate the transmitting cell's activity.

Oxygen Levels Dropping in US and European Lakes: Study

By Lisa Winter

Researchers find a widespread decline in dissolved oxygen levels in lakes, which is known to reshape ecosystems.

ICYMI: When Severed, This Solitary Tunicate Regrows as Three New Animals

By Amanda Heidt

While regeneration has long been the domain of colonial tunicates, a solitary species of sea squirt was able to regenerate into multiple, fully functional individuals within a month of being cut up.


Infographic: Sources of Variation in Bacterial Nanotube Studies

By Sruthi S. Balakrishnan

Differences in how researchers prepare and image samples can lead to discrepancies in their results.

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