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This new hypebeast Italian restaurant will be all over your social media this weekend

First it was Gloria in Shoreditch. Then came Fitzrovia's Circolo Popolare. Now, Covent Garden is home to one of London's buzziest restaurants, with today's opening of Ave Mario. The third (and largest) in the British empire of French hospitality group Big Mamma, it's just as outrageously in-your-face as its older siblings. Spanning three areas, every inch feels like it's been designed with Instagram in mind, from the bar's 3,500 bottle feature wall, to the food and cocktail-themed neons, the mirrored basement-slash-pizza kitchen, the jumbo drinks and the kitschy tableware.

"Ave Mario is Fun with a capital F," says Stylist Loves' editor Gemma Crisp. "It was practically vibrating with hype during my visit but it's not all style over substance – the chefs and mixologists know exactly what they're doing, whether it's an expertly-mixed old fashioned or a perfectly constructed vitello tonnato. The Florence-inspired menu dabbles in a little bit of everything but being adventurous pays off: I'm still thinking about the girella piccante da Catanzaro, a black pasta stuffed with ricotta, parmesan and chilli, drizzled with tarragon oil and San Marzano tomato sauce. And of course, there's the already Insta-famous giant stracciatella gelato, a 60cm-high ice cream bollard that's paraded around the restaurant and sliced at your table. Ave Mario knows that food is theatre and you can guarantee social media will lap it up." 15 Henrietta St, London, WC2E

Chunky coloured stripes: not just for deckchairs
510 Laundry / £35
Also available in pink and orange, these hand-painted cushions are made from vintage French linen
Mango / £79.99
Mango's debut interiors range has a definite holiday feel, and this cotton duvet cover is no exception
Dar Leone / £22.50
This gold-rimmed tray is inspired by the Sierra Leonean heritage of Dar Leone founder Isatu Funna
MERI MERI / £5.75
Hosting a BBQ? Order a pack of scalloped paper napkins instead of handing out scraps of kitchen roll
BENUTA / £68.95
If you prefer more muted stripes, try this olive-green wool floor runner in your hallway or bedroom
Cornishware / £15
Delicate china has its place – but sometimes, you just want a vat of tea in a seriously sturdy mug

9 playful pool inflatables to help you pretend you're in the Balearics, not Brighton
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Netflix's nostalgic new horror movie is riotously entertaining

Love horror movies? Fear Street Part 1: 1994 is the self-aware slasher you've been waiting for. The first in a trilogy inspired by RL Stine's bestselling Fear Street novels (the second and third instalments, set in the 1970s and 1660s, will follow on 9 and 16 July respectively), it hurls viewers headfirst into Shadyside – aka the murder capital of the USA. There, a group of seriously angsty teens are being stalked by a mysterious and seemingly unstoppable foe. But just what does a long-dead witch have to do with it all?

"Hitting all the right gory notes, Fear Street Part 1: 1994 is a ridiculously fun ride from start to finish," says Stylist's digital editor-at-large Kayleigh Dray. "Ramping up the nostalgia factor and paying homage to classics such as Scream, it will do for the 90s what Stranger Things did for the 80s. But there's much more to this slasher than blood-spattered throwback vibes, thanks to the talented cast of unknown actors. Their chemistry is palpable, their fear and bewilderment even more so – and the rollercoaster ride that is Deena (Kiana Madeira)'s relationship with her ex Sam (Olivia Welch) is more than reason enough to keep watching." Watch on Netflix now

This clever hair product delivers Jennifer Lopez-style volume in a bottle
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Cannelloni is one of the most underrated pastas around – these recipes prove it

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