ARTGO: Finding Eden, Beneath The Surface, In a Fine Flow

ARTGO: Finding Eden, Beneath The Surface, In a Fine Flow
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Two devotees of the human figure Pemba and Hodgins, paired up in Strauss & Co exhibition
Strauss & Co is pleased to announce details of a non-selling exhibition of works by two pioneering post-war artists, George Milwa Mnyaluza Pemba (1912–2001) and Robert Hodgins (1920–2010), in its Johannesburg exhibition space. Titled Social Stances, the exhibition brings together an impressive array of works held in public and private collections nationally. HERE
Call for Nominations for the 2021 Helgaard Steyn Award for Sculpture
South African sculptors are eligible for this year's Helgaard Steyn Award, the prestigious annual award recognising excellence in four disciplines, alternating between musical composition, painting, literature and sculpture. HERE
Rejuvenate your soul
This week's colourful art shows
South African Fine Art Print Fair - Beneath The Surface
A three-women exhibition showcasing the works of Mandie Immelman, Sharon Sampson and Elrie Joubert. Whilst engaging with our surroundings and our environment, our three artists do more than just scratch the surface – they dig deep to reconcile with the unpredictable and in some cases, inequities that are happening all around us./ Until 18 July. HERE
Hugo Modern - In a fine flow - A Group Exhibition 
In psychology, the 'flow' state is a mental state in which we become fully immersed in a feeling of energetic focus. With an all female line up, 'In a fine flow' celebrates finding the space to indulge in the enjoyment of crafting and creating, joyously blurring the lines between haute art and fine craft. Participating Artists are Andel Olivier, Dina Kuijers, Tarien Bruwer, Judith Augoustides, Elmarie van Straten, Jeanne Hugo, Adela Friedman./ Exhibition goes live online on Thursday 01 July. HERE
Eclectica Contemporary CT - Finding Eden - Hussein Salim Solo Exhibition  
His latest offering, 'Finding Eden', once again conjures a quest, in this case for some imagined, or real, point of human origin. Whether one is a believer, or non-believer, is beside the point, what matters is the adventure, with or without a divining rod. Reason or Faith are not the only answers to life, there is also inscrutable mystery, conditions intuited that refuse to 'explicitly demonstrate an idea'./ Opens 01 July. HERE
St. Lorient / The Viewing Room PTA - The Inbetween: Batho le naga (people and land) 
Featuring the works of Mashir Kresenshun and Frans Thoka - Curated by Gordon Froud / Opens online from 03 July. HERE
Everard Read CT - On a Roll - The latest collection of bronze hares by Guy du Toit
The hare is a lively, witty, likely-to-do-the-unpredictable sort of animal. Under Du Toit's deft manipulation, it has come to stand as a surrogate for our human existence, as well our relationship with the natural and social world, allowing us to smile at both it and ourselves 07 - 27 July. HERE
Nel Art Gallery CT - Ground - Carol-Anne Gainer Solo Exhibition 
The artist continues to explore the deep connections we have to the earth and those that inhabit it.  The connections – physical, spiritual, emotional, energetic - are invisible, yet profoundly impactful and influential to all beings. These works explore the earth; they depict and evoke the complexity of the ground we walk on. Until 17 July. HERE
Gallery2 JHB - Untitled - A Group Exhibition by the Free State Art Collective
The second Free State Art Collective exhibition at Gallery2 is an exploration of new terrain contra to the art "norm", which is currently narrative driven to the extreme. There is an overarching expectation today that work must be explained. What if we were to remove this obsession with narrative content, this need to define? Rather than curtail through explanation, let us allow the artworks to speak for themselves./ Opening Saturday June 26th at 11h00. Until 24 July. HERE
Ebony/Curated CT - Isolation - Margret Nel Solo Exhibition
11 Paintings from 1976 - 2000 - 'Isolation' provides a glimpse into the artist's constant awareness of ostracization, social displacement, and the direct relationship between our environments and their effect on us. Her works also comment on political transitions within her own country and transitions of growing up within her own family and the vulnerability that comes along with that. Until 30 July. HERE
NWU Gallery & Klerksorp Museum - Agility Is The New Black!
Thina Minya & Themba Minya 

Agility Is The New Black!is a collaborative multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring mother and son-Thina Minya & Themba Minya. The dynamic duo is having their first major institutional show at NWU Gallery. Each artist is reflecting on form, without bowing to societal nuances to define their practice. With this in mind, the exhibition presents and highlights a refreshing, unique take on abstract themes of race, sexuality, identity politics , social struggle, feminism and the self. With many of the new works created in isolation, they are brought together in this show as a visual conversation to represent the universal human experience. Until 05 August. HERE
NWU Art Gallery - Once We Were Heroes – Group Exhibition 
In recognising the complexities of the times, Once we were heroes attempts to acknowledge and celebrate the artists who have persevered and continued to produce artworks without the certainty of what will become of their produce, as the old normal would have "given" them. The exhibition title is a play on words on what would become of the South African creative sector and its heroes, the artists in the new normal. Until 05 August. HERE
131 A Gallery CT - Van Riebeeck's Hedge
Michael Amery Solo Exhibition / Until 27 July. HERE
The Cape Gallery CT - The Winter Solstice - Group Exhibition 
Each year The Cape Gallery celebrates The Winter Solstice by hosting an exhibition. This exhibition accommodates an eclectic selection of artists, each one unique and following their own muse and imagination.  This year the theme is 'Desire: possess or be possessed'/ Opens 21 June. HERE
Melrose Gallery JHB - Remember The Divine Mother - Restone Maambo Solo Exhibition  
Restone Maambo navigates his ancestry and experiences with 'Kusololwa Amumuni', the call from the ancestors to become a sangoma or spiritual healer, through his artistic practice./ Until 16 July. HERE
Melrose Gallery Cape Town - Kurarama - Ronald Muchatuta Solo Exhibition 
"'Kurarama' means 'to survive' and it is through survival that we find beauty in life and death. "The Ying-yang philosophy reflects on how the end of life in one dimension can be seen as a fresh start in another. The circle of life. The burning of the veldt before new vegetation sprouts – The land needs to breath, We need to breath. / Until 25 July. HERE
Prince Albert Gallery - Streetscapes - John Kramer Solo Exhibition 
John Kramer's paintings have an eery quality, ghostlike and spectral that is enduring, emphasised by Kramer's ability to paint the soft light, streaming across the latticed penumbra of the Karoo." Lin Sampson / Opens 18 June. HERE

ARTGO Call For Entries

The Art of Innovation - Call for entries for the 2021 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition 
Entries are now officially open for the annual Sasol New Signatures Art Competition 2021. Being the longest-running competition of its kind in South Africa, Sasol New Signatures has become a platform for unknown artists to break into the mainstream art stage. Sasol has sponsored this important art competition for over 30 years and has launched the careers of many household names in art currently working in South Africa and globally. HERE
2021 New Breed Art Competition: Two new competition partners help blaze the way forward for Free State artists
Now in its fifth year, the New Breed Art Competition is presented by
Phatshoane Henney Attorneys, in association with Oliewenhuis Art Museum, as it has been since its inception in 2016. With ArtbankSA and the FSAC now joining forces with this one-of-a-kind visual arts competition aimed at uncovering new and emerging Free State artists, this platform for showcasing local art is put on an exciting new trajectory. HERE
SA Auction / Action
Strauss & Co
Modern, Post-War & Contemporary Art, Decorative Arts, and Wine
2:00pm Sunday, 11 Jul 2021 → Monday, 12 Jul 2021
Strauss & Co
A single-artist auction dedicated to a modernist master
7:00pm Monday, 26 Jul 2021- Johannesburg
5th Avenue Auctioneers
July 18, 2021 10:00 AM SAST
South African & International Art | Collectibles
Johannesburg, South Africa

Artwork: Andrew Clement Verster (SA 1937 - 2020) Oil, Still Life with Vase, Signed & Dated '96, 50 x 40
Russell Kaplan Auctioneers
Consignments are now open for our July Wunderkammer Auction
Stephan Welz & Co.
Johannesburg | Premium Hybrid-Live Auction | July 2021 - 12 Lots
Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings, Prints & Sculpture
27th Jul 2021 from 10am
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