Enjoy Creative Experimentation Like Never Before With the Petzval 80.5 mm Art Lens.

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The New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens
The New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens
Dream big and discover new levels of artistic control with the Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 Art Lens. Designed for (d)SLR photographers and filmmakers alike, the Petzval 80.5 was carefully crafted to shoot on Nikon F and Canon EF mounts. With a helicoid focusing mechanism and stopless aperture diaphragm, as well as a Waterhouse Aperture System to add distinctive effects to your frames – the Petzval 80.5 allows for creative experimentation like never before. Benefit from beautiful velvety bokeh and enjoy shooting with this unique and timeless lens.
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"[…] working with this lens force[d] me to adjust my subject framing mindset [and] got me incredibly inspired to get out and shoot more... I found myself capturing more images of things I would have never even looked at previously […] because of how the bokeh patterns can do such wild and interesting things."
— David Crewe, PetaPixel
Playful Pictures with The Petzval 80.5
Dublin-based photographer Josh Mulholland tested the Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens, crafting a series of striking portraits with his dancer friend Simone O'Toole. Surrounded by nature, he captured the fluidity of her motion in their playful shots. Get inspired by their dreamlike creations and have a look at their magical results.
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"Shooting with this lens was so amazing. I couldn't believe how swirly and soft the bokeh was […]"
— Josh Mulholland, Lomography Magazine
"The lens gives such a dreamlike effect that the photos actually look and feel like actual real memories, something that no other lens has managed to capture, not in my experience anyway…"
— Josh Mulholland, Lomography Magazine
We'd like to thank the following people for their photos: Itsjoygrace, Josh Mulholland, Miri Huh, Anne-Fleur Sire & Lanna Apisukh
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