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The NGV has reopened with a pair of exhibitions that draw on the collections of two major international institutions. 'French Impressionism' presents more than 100 masterworks from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Featuring greats such as Cézanne, Degas, Cassatt and Caillebotte, whose Fruit displayed on a stand, c1881–82 is shown, the series captures the radical creative energy of the era. Also on show, 'Goya: Drawings from the Prado Museum' charts the breadth of the legendary Spanish artist's oeuvre through 160 works on paper, illustrating their status as some of the most engaging and provocative examples of his social criticism. Until October 3.
With a weekend of al chiuso activities in store, we're revisiting some of our stylish self-isolation viewing from 2020: 3 Women; The Age of Innocence; Aquarius; L'Avventura; American Gigolo; Badlands; Beetlejuice; The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant; Blow-Up; Breathless; Bringing Up Baby; Caché; Cléo From 5 to 7; The Conformist; Desperately Seeking Susan; Do the Right Thing; Frida; Gosford Park; The Handmaiden; I Am Love; In the Mood for Love; Interiors; Last Year at Marienbad; The Leopard (still, pictured); The Long Goodbye; The New Age; Orlando; Pain and Glory; Paris is Burning; La Piscine; Rear Window; Roma; Ruthless People; Shampoo; A Single Man; Stranger Than Paradise; The Talented Mr Ripley; The Thomas Crown Affair; Tokyo Story; and Yi-Yi.
Enjoying life's luxuries often comes with the burden of guilt-inducing excessive packaging. With the advent of its innovative Second Skin wrapping, which cuts down significantly on waste, Ruinart is leading the way in reducing the precious elixir's carbon footprint without sacrificing its good looks or safe transportation. Available in Australia in November.
Los Angeles fashion designer turned interiors guru Jenni Kayne is an influencer and tastemaker par excellence. Her design ethos leans towards the natural and organic and this book, Pacific Natural at Home, features her own home as well as others by the beach, in the city, the desert or the mountains that display a similar warm, earthy and artisan approach. Preferencing texture over colour, the details and personal vignettes in these homes will delight and inspire.
The new Compagnie de Provence 'Velvet Seaweed' collection of sustainable hand creams and cleansers from Libertine Parfumerie promises to protect your hands as well as the ocean, created using ultra-hydrating aquatic ingredients and packaged in eco-conscious recycled and recyclable plastic glass. Washed in a blue and white palette reminiscent of dreamy seaside idylls along the Tunisian coast or far out in the Aegean, the hand soap is also an attractive accessory when placed beside the powder room basin.
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