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You've heard about gut feelings, going with your gut and having a gut instinct. But outside figures of speech, why is it so important?

Well, your gut plays a key role in various areas of your overall health, from metabolism to immune system, but everyday factors like your diet, stress levels and living environment can all throw it out of balance.

An imbalanced gut can lead to things like an upset stomach, weight change, fatigue, allergies and low mood, which is why gut-supporting supplement Symprove has made it its mission to break the taboo and get people talking about gut health.

They've created a dedicated platform urging people to overshare in an effort to break the stigma and make people feel supported.

As part of their campaign they're giving away free 30-minute consultations with specialist gastroenterology dieticians (the only nutrition professionals regulated by law) so you can skip the misinformation and get straight to the point.

The consultations are yours to shape, so you can chat through an issue that has been going on for a while, or just ask for more information and advice on taking care of your gut.

To claim your free consultation and find out a bit more, simply head here.

Now that you've got your consultation sorted, it's time to get your gut on track with a daily Symprove supplement. Here's how to take it…

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1. Drink up

Fill the small cup (70ml) provided with your bottle of Symprove and take it every morning before breakfast, making sure you have an empty stomach. This gives it the best chance of reaching your gut quickly and getting straight to work.

2. Wait

Put the kettle on and wait for around 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything to make sure you reap the full benefits. Eating straight after taking the supplement won't do you any harm, but it could slow down the delivery of Symprove.

3. Keep cool

Pop your Symprove in the fridge if possible to make sure the live and active bacteria are kept in the optimum condition. To keep up the good work it's recommended that you repeat the cycle.

Add Symprove's water-based food supplement to your routine. The formula is packed full of live and active bacteria to help support balance in your gut.

Use the code STYLIST10 to take 10% off a 12 week pack. New UK customers only. Offer price £142.20 (regular price £158)

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