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Simple Days
Simple Days
Get ready for fun analogue freedom with our Simple Use Reloadable film cameras. These pocket-sized pals offer a whole host of easy-to-use and unique creative features that both beginners and advanced analogue lovers can enjoy. Experiment effortlessly and when you're done, simply reload with another film and go again! Have a peek at what's on offer and keep an eye out for Simple Days savings throughout July.
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Sensational Special Editions
We have collaborated with several super inspiring international artists to create some limited edition Simple Use Camera designs. Grab one before they are gone!
Lomography × Darius
Our latest design, created in collaboration with Parisian producer and DJ, Darius, boasts a snazzy holographic design inspired by Darius' latest EPs and album. This radical reloadable comes preloaded with magical LomoChrome Metropolis film, perfect for shooting the dream-like desaturated colors of your summer escapades.
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Optimistic Ox Edition
This colorfully designed camera incorporates lucky red and gold colors in a modern take on the ancient East Asian art of paper marbling, inspired by the Chinese zodiac Year of the Ox. Preloaded with magnificent LomoChrome Metropolis film, this 35 mm icon is packed with a whole bunch of fun features to freeze your everyday snapshots in authentic analogue style.
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Lomography × Challenger
Japanese street style meets our favorite point-and-shoot in this special edition Simple Use Camera featuring an original design by Japanese designer and professional skateboarder, Satoru Taguchi. Capture your kickflips like never before with the powerful purple tones of the punchy LomoChrome Purple film and use the special color filters for even funkier effects!
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Calling all Urban Adventurers
Capture the excitement of the bustling city or a serene moment from the back streets. Just make sure sure you have your camera ready for the Lomography Annual Photography Awards 2021, Urban Explorers Category! Submit as many street photographs as you like taken using any film camera and share your best shots to be in with a chance of winning a special Lomography camera and a spot in our Hall of Fame.
Cameras at the Ready!
We'd like to thank the following people for their photos: Challenger Team, Darius Terence Meunier, Kasira Potchanant, Reggina Idiartegaray
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