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How and When the Chip Shortage Will End in 4 Charts

How and When the Chip Shortage Will End in 4 Charts

Fabs using older 200 mm wafers are the key to getting more chips into the supply chain for cars, consumer electronics.

Engineers: You Can Disrupt Climate Change
Decarbonization, carbon capture, and solar-radiation management will provide work for decades to come say top Google engineers.
To Fly a Drone in the U.S., You Now Must Pass FAA's TRUST Test
New drone rules for recreational pilots in the U.S. could augur changes worldwide.


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Cryptocurrency Blockchains Don't Need To Be Energy Intensive
Bitcoin's proof-of-work protocol is only the first among a range of creative possibilities.
This Quantum Computer is Sized For Server Rooms
A new 24-qubit trapped-ion option can fit in two server racks.
The Future of Deep Learning Is Photonic
Computing with light could slash the energy needs of neural networks.
THROWBACK THURSDAY: Build Your Own Giant 555 Timer Chip
Make a drop-in replacement kit for the 555 integrated circuit with discrete transistors and resistors.

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