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Exclusive Q&A: Neuralink's Quest to Beat the Speed of Type

Exclusive Q&A: Neuralink's Quest to Beat the Speed of Type

Near term, Elon Musk's brain-machine interface company aims to give back keyboard and mouse control to paralyzed people. Next up, the world record for BMI information rate. And that's just the beginning. 

New AR System Alters Sight, Sound and Touch
Tactile Echoes allows users to freely interact with any surface.
PODCAST: It's Easy for Computers to Detect Sarcasm, Right?
Sentiment analysis, which can already identify anger, joy, fear, sadness, and confidence, can now spot sarcasm as well.
2022 U.S. Budget Funds New ICBMs—A Reckless Diversion?
Minuteman III's successors could represent a dangerous misstep.
THROWBACK THURSDAY: How the Free Market Rocked the Grid
It led to higher rates and rolling blackouts, but it also opened the door to greener forms of electricity generation.
When Infrastructure Confronts a Searing Heat Dome
Portland, Oregon's crippled rail systems reveal how climate change sometimes outpaces infrastructure.

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Keysight's 3GPP 5G Rel-16 Essentials Week includes 3 webinars that explore the advances in 5G standards and a panel session to answer your burning questions.
Add the Calibre RealTime Digital API to the GLOBALFOUNDRIES DFMPOP flow for signoff-quality DFM hotspot fixes in P&R.
Check out our latest Vevo F2 product updates, and demonstration of novel transmit beamforming and sequences implemented using the Vevo Advanced Data Acquisition (VADA) Mode.

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