The best Olympic logos of all time

Good morning! One of Silicon Valley's preeminent venture firms, Andreessen Horowitz, is betting big on NFTs. The firm is leading a $100 million investment into the NFT marketplace OpenSea, where users can create, buy, and sell non-fungible tokens—cryptocurrency tokens connected to the blockchain that represent digital goods. While the technology has been heavily hyped in 2021, Andreessen's move indicates that the firm believes NFTs have real and lasting utility and are not a passing fad. Read more here.
—Katharine Schwab
Why Andreessen Horowitz is betting big on NFTs

The top-tier VC led a $100 million round for a NFT marketplace called OpenSea. It sees non-fungible tokens as foundational technology for the internet of tomorrow.

Poor neighborhoods are hotter than the rich areas right next to them

Even within the same counties, there can be a nearly 7-degree temperature difference between areas with different average incomes.

The best Olympic logos of all time, according to design experts

The real Olympic’s blood sport? Debating the official logos.

A plant pandemic could be next. Here’s how we can prepare

Despite warnings of a coming global health threat for years, governments weren’t prepared for COVID-19. The agricultural industry doesn’t have to make the same mistake.

6 must-read books to understand the future, according to YCombinator’s president

The president of the famous Silicon Valley accelerator shares his favorite books that help inform his thinking about where technology is headed.

work life
Your brain has limits. Here are some simple ways to extend your mind, according to science

Acclaimed science writer Annie Murphy Paul says that in order to think the intelligent, informed, original thoughts we’re capable of, we can’t rely on the brain alone. Read on to learn how you can extend your mind.

New Beats by Dre ad stars Sha’Carri Richardson and announces new Kanye album

Launched during Game 6 of the NBA Finals, the spot stars the controversial sprinter and launches Kanye West’s ‘Donda.’

Don’t call it a side hustle, think of it as dual careers
To learn how to turn our hobbies into additional streams of income, we turned to Jasmine Lawrence, founder of Eden BodyWorks and product manager on the Everyday Robot Project at X.
Novartis donates to HBSUs: What you need to know
Novartis is donating to a number of historically Black academic institutions to help solve inequalities in healthcare and education.
The pharmaceutical company, along with Morehouse School of Medicine, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Coursera, and the National Medical Association, are investing a total of $33.7 million in the effort.
The organizations, along with 26 historically black colleges, universities (HBCUs), and medical schools, aim to alleviate some of the distrust surrounding healthcare in communities of color.
The pledge cites research that points to how Black Americans have a shorter life expectancy, higher mortality rates from cancer, and infant mortality rates.
The Fast Company Innovation Festival
September 27-30: The seventh annual Fast Company Innovation Festival returns this year as an immersive hybrid experience, featuring four days of inspirational keynote interviews, in-depth panels, and interactive workshops. 
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