This design technique could help us survive extreme heat, no AC needed

Good morning! For years, people have been trying to figure out what the next blockbuster gadget after the smartphone might be. AR glasses have seemed like a strong candidate—but the technological challenges have been manifold on both the hardware and software fronts. But with recent advances—from both big companies such as Snap and ambitious startups—it’s becoming clearer how such devices could provide transformative experiences in the not-too-distant future. Ross Rubin reports on what’s new, what’s next, and why it’s not too early to get excited about smart eyewear.
—Harry McCracken
The smart glasses revolution is about to get real

AR eyewear could be the next big thing after the smartphone. And the necessary hardware and software is finally falling into place. Read more.
How an ancient design technique could help us survive extreme heat, no AC needed

Can passive design keep our houses cool? Read more.

This self-cleaning filter is designed for the millions of people without tap water

The filter acts as a tap on a jerrican, distributing clean water—and simultaneously cleaning the filter—with each pump. Read more.

work smarter
Kickstarter CEO: Here’s why we’re trying out a 4-day workweek

Aziz Hasan explains his reasoning for piloting a 32-hour workweek for employees of the crowdfunding company starting in 2022. Read more.
McDonald’s latest ads are just a bunch of pixels. And they’re brilliant

McDonald’s France continues its years long tradition of a delightfully minimalist approach to advertising the Golden Arches. Read more.

Millennials face yet another workplace challenge—ageism

In a new Fast Company-Harris Poll, 36% of younger millennials and Gen Z say they’ve faced workplace ageism, often due to a perceived lack of experience. Read more.

Petrochemicals are in all sorts of products. This startup makes the same compounds out of captured CO2

Using artificial photosynthesis, Twelve creates CO2-based chemicals that can be used to make everything from car parts to laundry detergent. Read more.

work life
How I navigate networking events as a person who doesn’t drink

So many events are centered around alcohol. But I’ve learned there are ways to avoid answering overly personal questions about why I’m sticking with soda. Read more.

Time to get rid of your ugly AC: This high-design air conditioner is powerful and efficient

Windmill’s window air conditioner has more in common with Apple’s HomePods than the hulking ACs of yore. Read more.

Chobani IPO: What you need to know
Greek-yogurt giant Chobani is taking steps to become a publicly traded company.
The New Berlin, New York-based business has filed a confidential draft registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Experts are estimating the company’s IPO could be valued at more than $10 billion. 
Hamdi Ulukaya founded Chobani—”shepherd” in Turkish—in 2005 with the help of a Small Business Administration loan. In addition to yogurt, the company now produces oat milk, dairy and plant-based creamers, ready-to-drink coffee, and plant-based probiotic drinks.
Oatly Group, a maker of vegan milk products based in Sweden, made its public debut on the Nasdaq in May, with shares rising more than 28% on its first day of trading.
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