What was your biggest faux-pas as an intern? Also... I need your advice

On Thursday, June 17, 2021 the world was treated to a classic intern-esque snafu that brought the internet joy and made all of us at Humor that Works very excited.

Interns make mistakes by virtue of their own existence, so why was this one so special?

Well, its sheer size for one. A portion of HBO Max subscribers received an empty email with the subject line: Integration Test Email #1, and a single-sentence message: "This template is used by integration tests only."

But more importantly, HBO decided to make the most out of this mishap and used it as an opportunity to connect by sending out this tweet:

In an act of wholesome internet solidarity, people around the world began sharing their own relatable and humorous stories and big learning moments. Here are a few:
To see our personal favorite click here.

Hopefully, that intern will be able to laugh about this mix up sooner rather than later and companies around the world take a page out of HBO's book to foster growth through humor. When we feel safe enough to make light of our mistakes it gives us courage to take bigger risks.

As in person human connection is rapidly being replaced by video chats and Twitter threads, we need humor now more than ever. Often times a bit of levity is all that's needed to shift a transactional and robotic interaction into an authentic one.

If you feel in need of a buffer against life's shake-ups, whether big or small, and want to tap into the power of humor, I've got some exciting news to share...

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!
All ye humor enthusiasts, comedians and even skeptics!
We're putting together a Humor That Works Community!

But before we go ahead and open the gates for gathering, we need your advice... where would you like the online court to be held?
A. Facebook Group
B. Slack Channel
C. Discord Group
D. Telegram Group
E. Other?

Click here to let me know.

P(un)S(cript): Where do people in Antarctica go to vote? The South Poll.


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