10 Takes on 2021's Edition; Augsberger Launches ERM Docs; King, Banderas Go 'Banshee'

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San Sebastián Film Festival

No. 1 | Sep 17, 2021

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From That Johnny Depp Honor to Genre Films: 10 Takeaways From the San Sebastian Film Festival

Stars, the Johnny Depp furor, the genre revolution & buzz titles: 10 takes on the Spanish-speaking world's most important film event.

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Sitges Film Festival and Filmarket Hub Unveil Finalists for 2021 Sitges Pitchbox

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'Titane' Review: 'Raw' Director Delivers Psycho-Sexy French Thriller

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'Petite Maman' Review: An 8-Year-Old Makes a Special Connection, and So Will Audiences

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'Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn' Review: A Bad-Taste Assault on the Notion of Obscenity

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'Lost Illusions' Review: Blistering Balzac Adaptation Reminds That Fake News Is Nothing New

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