4 things you can do to be happier, smarter, and more emotionally aware

Raise your hand if you want to be happier, smarter, and more emotionally aware. If your palm is in the air, you’ll be pleased to know that the activities that will get you there will also help you become more creative. Because even if you know how creative you are (if you don’t, take this four-minute word test), there’s always room for improvement. From podcasts to productivity hacks, there are a host of ways to cultivate creativity along with specific rules to break and strategies that promise to make you as prolific as Picasso. And lest we forget, there are ways to unleash more creativity when you’re collaborating. Ultimately, you may just find that your creativity is so supercharged, you can channel it into a side hustle.
Lydia Dishman
productivity secrets
4 things you can do to be happier, smarter, and more emotionally aware

An entrepreneur is a “big believer” that we can all live happier and healthier lives with a little creative inspiration on a regular basis. These are the activities that help you get there.

career evolution
7 side hustles for the creative entrepreneur

Times of financial strain call for inventive thinking with your income streams.

creativity test
How creative are you? This 4-minute word test will tell you

According to researchers from McGill, Harvard, and the University of Melbourne, a quick test could reveal how much creative potential lies within.

The 9 best podcasts to make you more creative

Get the creative juices flowing with podcasts on circular design, UX, and a lot more.

productivity secrets
These are the rules to break if you want to be more creative

“When we relieve the constant urge to fix, mend, and complete, our work flourishes in the most unexpectedly beautiful ways.”

This meditation training device will help you make mindfulness part of your daily routine

The Core Meditation Trainer from Hyperice is made for people who need help maintaining a consistent meditation practice.

productivity secrets
3 ways to cultivate your artistic and creative side

Productivity may be the shiny lure ambitious people chase after, but creativity’s lasting impact is the ultimate catch.

creative strategies
3 creative strategies that can make you as prolific as Edison, Mozart, and Picasso

Creativity, like all forms of progress, doesn’t just happen. It needs to be cultivated and developed. And it requires a certain way of looking at the process and results.

how to be a success
The fascinating brain chemistry behind team collaboration and unbridled creativity

When we feed our brain dopamine, endorphins, and a whole lot of other goodies, the resulting ‘brain cocktail’ gets the creative juices flowing, says this collaboration expert.

Sanzo’s Asian-inspired sparkling water is the antidote to LaCroix fatigue

Take your pick: lychee, mango, or calamansi.

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