7 Sneaky Things to Do to Your 401(k) if You Want to Be Rich as Hell

Look at you saving up for future you!
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7 Sneaky Things to Do to Your 401(k) if You Want to Be Rich as Hell
For most of us, including the early 20s version of me, an introduction to retirement savings happens like this: You get your first big job, HR tells you that you'll be enrolled in a 401(k) program, you say "Great!" and then…you never think about it again. (Okay, fine, you might, but probs not until you're 35.)

Honestly, I do get it—there are few terms less sexy than "retirement account." But there are few things more sexy than being able to buy nice things, travel, and just generally enjoy life after you stop working (i.e., retire). And you can't do any of that without savings, so no matter how old you are rn, it's time to Do More.

Let's start with a lil background...


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