8 signs you should turn down a job offer

Maybe you’re getting swept up in the tidal wave of the Great Resignation. Maybe you’re just looking for a positive change after the dumpster fire that was 2020. Whatever the case, if you’re job hunting, you don’t want to jump from that fire into another fueled by toxicity. Know the signs that point to a job offer that isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, or when the pay raise or promotion just isn’t worth it. Get up to speed on the questions you need to ask to reveal red flags or a toxic culture hiding in plain sight at an organization, even if you’re doing it on Zoom.
Lydia Dishman
red flags
8 signs you should turn down a job offer

You made it through the gauntlet of interviews and got an offer. But is it really good for you? Here are some red flags that should make you think twice.

red flags
Interview questions you must ask to spot red flags (or reveal a great potential employer)

The VP of HR at Modern Hire cautions that higher starting wages and sign-on bonuses can make an employer look very attractive. “Don’t lose sight of your initial reasons for changing jobs and the kind of work environment that will be most healthy for you.” 

toxic workplace
5 toxic workplace myths that cut into motivation

Extrinsic rewards—like higher pay—are not the only solution to boosting spirits and productivity.

Cuyana’s new System Tote may be the best—and last—bag I ever own

Post-pandemic life is unpredictable. Cuyana’s new System Tote is a three-in-one work–life bag designed to make our lives easier in this flux.

Toxic Hire
4 ways to spot a potentially toxic hire over video interview

Experts agree that one bad apple can hurt your entire team’s productivity, along with costing your company substantial profit.

toxic hire
How to spot a potentially toxic hire during a job interview

Making the right choice during hiring is critical. Here’s how to spot someone who might negatively impact your company’s culture.

toxic culture
How to identify a toxic culture before accepting a job offer

With everyone touting their “amazing” culture it can be hard to tell who is telling the truth. Here are a few red flags to look for.

career evolution
A big pay raise is tempting, but ask yourself 4 essential questions before you take that job or promotion

The chief diversity officer at Bridgewater Associates observes that higher pay is especially compelling for job seekers saddled with student debt. But his advice to all is to look deeper to know if it’s the best opportunity to advance your career and personal growth.

lesson learned
When a promotion is a bad thing

A promotion isn’t always the best move for your career, sometimes it can be a set up for failure.

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