Breaking: Planned Parenthood Doxxes Texas Pro-Life Group Leader

A senior staffer at a Texas pro-life organization has been bombarded with threats after Planned Parenthood divulged their personal information in legal filings, in possible violation of state law.

The Texas Right to Life employee’s home address was circulated widely online after Planned Parenthood listed it on a recent lawsuit filed against the pro-life group. A link to the lawsuit, which included the staffer’s name and home address, was initially included in a September 2 press release announcing the legal action, but the link was eventually taken down after the pro-life group’s attorneys raised the issue in court.

In the wake of the disclosure, the staffer and many colleagues have faced a slew of physical and verbal threats from abortion advocates, some of whom explicitly told the staffer “we know where you live.”

Planned Parenthood’s disclosure of sensitive information may violate the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 21c, Privacy Protection for Filed Documents, forbids the filing of documents containing sensitive data such as a home address unless it is “specifically required by a statute, court rule, or administrative regulation, an electronic or paper document.” Otherwise, the address is supposed to be redacted fully or replaced with the letter “X” for each omitted digit or character, the rule states.

Planned Parenthood did not respond to request for comment, so it is unknown whether it listed the address under a qualified exception.

Another employee’s address was also leaked, Texas Right to Life spokeswoman Kim Schwartz told National Review, but it’s unclear whether that leak is related to Planned Parenthood’s legal documentation.

Since the Supreme Court declined to block a Texas law that outlaws abortions after a heartbeat is detected, allowing it to go into effect, pro-abortion activists have targeted staffers at the Texas non-profit with physical threats, cyber attacks, and even a bomb scare.

Texas Right to Life has been swamped with hate mail since the Supreme Court’s ruling. Among the vitriolic messages provided to National Review were death and gang rape threats, calls for staff members’ damnation in hell, nude photos, obscenities, and other disturbing harassment.

One email directed its recipients at Texas Right to Life to an instructional page on how to tie a noose. “Please follow the instructions, procure a noose, stick your neck in the hole, and then let your body dangle by the neck…I do hope you get your dues soon, scum of the earth,” the email read.

A tweet posted last week threatened, “Any @TXRighttoLife member or supporter that crosses my path will promptly catch these hands and will subsequently be adding to a collection of teeth.”

In an early precursor to the publishing of employees’ personal information, another tweet warned, “Cry more, losers. You’ve provoked the wrath of pro-choice people in 50 states. Just wait until you start getting doxxed.”

Some activists even claimed they were summoning supernatural powers to curse Texas Right to Life staffers. “Just wanted to let you know you’re awful people and I will be casting a hex on you as well as hoping that you are sued to the ground and lose all your money you hateful organization,” read one direct message sent to a Texas Right to Life staffer.

A particularly disturbing audio voicemail sent to the Texas Right to Life inbox said, “Hello! I love to perform abortions in my own f***ing house and then pickle all the babies and eat them because I f***ing love Satan!…Do you know what’s the best with a pickled baby? A f***ing chili pepper…Have a nice day!”

In another recording, a man referenced the group’s temporary website shutdown, which occurred last week when activists overloaded the system with spam. “You need to fix your website so we can call you Nazi pedofiles some more. You child molesting losers! Get out of our country you queers! You hate America, you hate Jesus Christ!…Die! Die losers! You should have been aborted!”

A woman in another audio message said she hopes the employees all get hit by a car.

On Tuesday, someone emailed the organization, “There’s a bomb being sent through the mail from Portland. You should heed this warning as your only notice. Enjoy the following five days.” Three days later, Texas Right to Life called the police to file a report about the threatening email. The moment police arrived, a postal worker dropped off a mysterious package at the doorstep. After immediately evacuating the building, the Houston police deployed the bomb squad to the organization’s headquarters. After inspecting the item, the squad determined that the contents were not harmful, but an investigation into the incident is underway.

The police have the evidence to pursue the individual who made the threat, Schwartz told National Review.

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Planned Parenthood Doxxes Texas Pro-Life Group Leader

Planned Parenthood may have violated state law by publicizing the Texas Right to Life staffer’s ... READ MORE


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