My dad’s childhood home was haunted

'Sometimes, when I woke up and lay there staring at the ceiling, I'd hear it.'
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My Dad's Childhood Home Was Haunted, and He Was the Only One Who Knew
When my dad, Dan, was growing up in the sticks outside Rochester, NY, there weren't any cell phones, and the internet didn't exist yet. Life was peaceful, at least the way Dan describes it. No matter how bad things got at school, for most neighborhood kids, the day's stress evaporated as soon as the school bus disappeared down the street.

Home was a haven where you could escape with cartoons on TV, a big bowl of ice cream, and a swing set in the backyard. Home was where you could tuck your feet up beneath the covers, throw the sheets over your head and be safe from the monsters hiding in the closet or under the bed, because those monsters aren't there, not except for inside your imagination.

But my dad house wasn't like that. His childhood home was haunted.



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