Resurrecting the woolly mammoth -- by 2027?

Plus: SpaceX Inspiration4 mission, shape-shifting animals, NASA's Mars rover, return of the mailbag and much more.
Hello, humans!

This broadcast will include all the latest in science news, as you've come to expect -- but first, can we just take a quick detour? Can we talk about sports? I just want to say it's great to have the NFL back. As I've written recently, we're locked down in Sydney (week 12) and seeing crowds of people at football matches is a sight to behold. The good old days! It's also been great to hear from you guys, so thanks for writing in. I'm super appreciative. OK, enough of that -- on to the science.

At the link above we have a big rocket launch this week: the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission. That's scheduled to launch Wednesday with four civilians heading to space. It'll be one to watch so make sure you tune in. Our top story this week comes from CNET senior reporter and technology guru Stephen Shankland, who has the announcement that a startup will attempt to resurrect the woolly mammoth by 2027. What do you think about that? Drop me a line and let me know.

It's also been a big week for science with some jaw-dropping images from the International Space Station, an update on NASA's hunt for life on Mars and maybe my favourite story of the week: the Australian musk duck that learnt to speak like a human. Listen to the duck call you a "bloody fool" below and then take a look at some recolorized footage of the Tasmanian tiger. All of the good stuff is below. First... did you miss the mailbag? It's back! Let's go.

📧The Mailbag📧

Graham asks: Are you vaccinated?

This was a surprising question to get this week but I have been complaining about the Sydney lockdowns and I assume you're asking about COVID-19 here, Graham. Usually, my inbox is filled with questions about black holes and satellites and (sometimes) hatred for Elon Musk so this is a little thrill for me. My vaccine status is: pending. I've had one dose of the Pfizer vaccine and my second is due this week. So by the time we speak again, I should be fully vaccinated. It takes a few days for the body to start ramping up its antibodies against COVID-19 but within the next couple of weeks, I should be protected against the worst outcomes of the disease. I am thankful for that. Besides a slightly dead arm and feeling a little flat, I had no side effects at all. If you want to talk about vaccinations, you know where to find me. Thanks for the Q, Graham.

Have a stellar week, humans!

Remember, if you do have any burning questions, send me an email or a message on Twitter and check back for an answer!

Enim scientia et astra!
Jackson Ryan Jackson Ryan
Science Editor, CNET
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