The Only 6 Dumbbell Workouts You Need!

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During the Golden Age of Bodybuilding, from the late 1960s to the early ‘80s, the physiques of the body-building stars were big and symmetrical, and as artistic as the Greek gods carved into ancient stone. They achieved their classic look using many techniques such as free weights — long bars carrying massive weight plates — and even cable machines. But the masters of bodybuilding were almost always seen pumping iron dumbbells.
How did these guys get that classic look,
the epitome of the male aesthetic?
And now you can learn the best dumbbell workouts in Men’s Health’s The Only 6 Dumbbell Workouts You’ll Ever Need.
Men's Health
The versatility and simplicity of the
humble dumbbell cannot be overstated.
Dumbbells help you:
Work every muscle in your body
Increase balance and overall athleticism
Build muscle mass and burn fat
And you probably have a set gathering dust in your basement as we speak.
Men's Health
Grab ‘em and start building old-school strength and muscle with The Only 6 Dumbbell Workouts You’ll Ever Need, the digital guide of expertly designed exercise plans that’ll deliver the results you’re after—muscle mass to fill out your t-shirt, impressive strength gains, the kind of definition that makes the individual heads of your deltoids pop and the muscle fibers in your forearms show.
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