The Panoramic Possibilities are Endless!

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Escape the Frame
Escape the Frame
Capture the whole entire far-reaching and wide-angled picture in wonderfully experimental panoramic shots! From the dancefloor to the great outdoors, a long line of friends' faces or wide-open spaces – give a fresh perspective to your panoramic shots with our creative films. From experimental color formulas to dramatic monochrome films, take your panoramic pics to the next level.
Panoramic Fantastic
Make a Splash
Make a Splash
Liquefy your life with the world's first 35 mm format panoramic camera featuring a liquid-filled lens. Craft unconventional panoramic shots complete with dreamy aesthetics by filling the unique lens with a fluid of your choice to discover crazy aquatic effects. Water, coffee, food coloring – set your imagination free and dive into the craziness. Just make sure you know how to swim, okay?
Make a Splash
The Liquid Effect
Endless Panoramas<br/>With the LOMO LC-Wide
Endless Panoramas
With the LOMO LC-Wide
Go wide! Nope, even wider! As wide as you dare. Explore the full panoramic potential of the LOMO LC-Wide! This nifty trick lets you take your photos to the widest extreme by shooting in half-frame (HF) mode then winding on and moving to take the next frame. This results in fun and creative panoramic possibilities! Take one long panorama or get inventive with different subjects and angles to create some weird and wonderful snaps.
Endless Panoramas<br/>With the LOMO LC-Wide
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Pano Tips and Tricks
We'd like to thank the following people for their photos: Duffman, Anon Submoon, stelling, lafilledeer, gocchin, lalarsen & Ennuh Tiu
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