This is who should (and shouldn’t) return to the office

Hundreds of companies and countries are aiming for net-zero emissions by the middle of the century to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. The goal is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, something that will take a massive effort to achieve. But 1.5C isn’t a magic number—and we’re already seeing repeated billion-dollar disasters now, at “only” around 1 degree of warming. It’s technically possible to decarbonize faster and to pull more carbon from the atmosphere. Can we find the political will to stabilize the climate sooner? Read more here.
—Adele Peters
The world is aiming for net zero emissions by 2050. It’s time to admit it’s not enough

Governments and businesses have settled on an easy-to-remember climate goal. But even if we achieve it, we’ll still face climate disasters that could be prevented with bolder action.

big tech
Facebook has a culture problem—but not the one people think it has

The problem has not been that the company is a cult. The problem is the end to which that cult has been dedicated.

15 books to jump-start your creativity this fall

From a primer on machine learning to Fast Company’s own book celebrating socially and environmentally conscious design, these are fall’s best new design reads.

This is who should (and shouldn’t) return to the office

Before calling employees back to the office there are several things you should consider. We explore the issue from all angles on the latest episode of The New Way We Work.

creative conversation
Jeff Daniels explains the ‘thrill of working without a net’

The celebrated actor of stage and screen dives into the controlled free fall that is his creative process in the latest episode of Fast Company’s Creative Conversation podcast.

tech tips
Learn something new this fall with these great sites

Improve your skills in cooking or photography or even take a college course—all from the comfort of your own home.

work life
Why an MBA won’t necessarily improve your leadership skills

An MBA was once an important box to check. But as we look around at what can only be described as a dearth of great leaders,  where did the process go wrong?

These cozy dining cabins are made from hundreds of plastic bottles

And they could be the future of disaster relief.

This bus stop doubles as a kids’ playground

And more inspiring examples of urban infrastructure that infuse play with learning.

Beware the ‘multi-demic:’ Masking this fall will fight more than COVID-19

Last year’s precautions against the pandemic also helped prevent other ailments such as the flu. The lesson: Wear a mask, even if you’re vaccinated.

China’s tech crackdown continues: What you need to know
According to a new report from the Financial Times, Beijing has ordered the partial break up of Ant Group’s Alipay.
Specifically, Chinese regulators are requiring Ant to spin off Alipay’s loan business into a separate app. 
Currently, Alipay users can apply for unsecured loans and get the results in seconds due to its back end being powered by Huabei and Jiebei, two of Ant Group’s lending businesses. Under the new dictate, Ant Group will need to spin these off into a separate app.
Since July, China has been increasing its stranglehold on tech giants as it grows concerned with the companies’ power and influence over Chinese citizens’ everyday lives.
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