đŸ“± This magic room charges your phone as soon as you walk in

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Firefox's latest feature adds website suggestions for sites like Wikipedia and eBay right into the browser's address bar. That might not sound like a big deal, but it's the first step in Mozilla's plan to curate the experience of searching—before you even get to Google. “Firefox Suggest will be a trustworthy guide to finding the best of the web," says Selena Deckelmann, Mozilla’s senior vice president for Firefox. Read more about the organization's plan to remake search, and reduce the business's reliance on Google.
—Katharine Schwab
Firefox’s new feature is part of an ambitious plan to change how we search

With Firefox Suggest, Mozilla is rethinking web search—and its Google-reliant business model.

Don’t look back, Peleton—Apple might be gaining on you

Apple’s Fitness+ is taking on a decided Peloton vibe. But rather than readying itself to make its own exercise equipment, Apple is after something bigger.

work life
Leaders: Beware of this potential negative impact in the new way we work

The head of international R&D at PSI Talent Management cautions it can impact the meetings you are invited to, the extent that you speak on calls, and how aware people are of your role and responsibilities. This may all lead to inaccurate attributions of your value.

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Foster Creativity and Drive Innovation with Steve Wozniak
Join RingCentral Connect, to hear keynote speaker Steve Wozniak discuss how to foster creativity and drive innovation while cultivating personal and business growth. Learn more.
The most successful companies infuse their business with design. Now they need to think bigger

Read Debbie Millman’s exclusive foreword to our new book Fast Company Innovation by Design: Creative Ideas That Transform The Way We Live and Work, available now for pre-order.

This magic room charges your phone as soon as you walk in

Researchers have built a wireless charging room that can power a lamp, a fan, and a smartphone, no matter where in the room they’re located.

This game helps second-generation immigrant kids connect with their parents

The generation gap is often more pronounced in immigrant families. A new card game called Parents Are Humans allows second-generation immigrants to better understand their parents’ experiences.

Ikea launches a massive collection for gamers—including the weirdest product it has ever made

See more than 30 new products, from chairs to neck cushions.

creator economy
How Clubhouse made breakout star Leah Lamarr a better comedian

From interacting with her audience to writing jokes without a safety net, the comedian has found immense success on the audio-based social app.

This startup keeps CO2 out of the air by injecting ‘bio oil’ underground

Turning waste that would otherwise be burned into a viscous liquid lets Charm Industrial keep the potential emissions in a safe place.

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Why I left the childcare industry after 20 years

The vast majority of childcare providers in the U.S. are small businesses. One at-home provider shares why the pandemic—and burnout—made it untenable to stay in the industry.

The phenomenal story of how Christo wrapped the Arc de Triomphe in 270,000 square feet of fabric

Inside the $16.5 million installation.

This device sucks snot out of babies’ noses so parents don’t have to do it themselves

Frida gives the snot sucker a high-tech upgrade.

Starbucks rival rising: What you need to know ​​​​​​
Oregon-based coffee chain Dutch Bros rang its IPO bell on the Nasdaq this Wednesday. 
The company, which was founded three decades ago by a couple of dairy farmers with a pushcart, and whose menu includes beverages like chocolate macadamia nut espresso and nitro infused cold brew, is now trading under the ticker “BROS.” 
Despite its humble origins, Dutch Bros has grown into a hearty enterprise on the West Coast. It currently boasts more than 480 locations in 11 states, including Idaho, Colorado, and Texas, and has said it aspires to eventually rival global coffee giant Starbucks. 
On Wednesday, the stock surged 70% after opening. Shares are hovering around $39 as of midday.
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