🎹 The world’s most creative people have this one thing in common

Your next pair of shoes may be made from mycelium, the root-like threads that grow under mushrooms. Bolt Threads, a sustainable materials startup that transforms mycelium into “unleather,” is scaling up production in the Netherlands so it will be able to make a million square feet of its material annually. I talked to CEO Dan Widmaier about how the company is growing, how it can take on the traditional leather industry, and how it’s partnering with brands like Adidas, which will soon release sneakers that use the new material. Read my story here.
—Adele Peters
This realistic mushroom ‘leather’ is ready for commercial production

Get ready to see Lululemon bags and Adidas shoes made with Mylo, a leather-like material made out of mycelium.

The world’s most creative people have this one thing in common

Researchers used artificial intelligence to study the careers of 4,500 directors, 70,000 scientists, and 2,000 artists. The most successful among them share an important trait.

How Occupy Wall Street spawned a decade of protest, politics, and social media

Though brief and messy, the Occupy movement of 2011 helped recast the political story in the U.S. and fostered more-enduring movements to come.

These fridge-free, no-needle vaccines could be ready for the next pandemic

Scientists are working hard to solve some of the issues with vaccine delivery so they’re ready the next time we need to give shots to the whole world.

Meet the visionary designer behind AOC’s Tax the Rich dress

Aurora James, the designer behind Brother Vellies, has spent her career advocating for economic equality.

work life
How to break your email addiction

If you find yourself picking up your phone while spending time with others, it may be time to reassess your relationship with your inbox.


work life
These are the challenges and downsides to the 4-day workweek

A professor of the future of work points out that a four-day week is likely to exacerbate existing inequalities and create resentment against those who get to have a three-day weekend.

SpaceX’s big launch will send 3 regular people—and 1 billionaire—to space

The Inspiration4 mission will circle Earth for three days, bringing space tourism closer to reality.

Paging cat people! This apartment building is a love letter to feline friends

A London architect covered a building in cats and created a fictional backstory in order to change the neighborhood’s narrative.

work life
How to keep your big project going, even after key team members leave

Employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers. Here’s how to prevent the loss of a key team member from derailing your multidisciplinary project.

Should the Fed break up Wells Fargo? What you need to know
For years, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been threatening to break up America’s big banks. Now for the first time, she has a specific one in mind: Wells Fargo
On Monday, the Democrat from Massachusetts wrote a letter asking Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell to do it by revoking the bank’s financial holding company license. 
That would force Wells Fargo to split apart the banking and Wall Street sides of its business, making it nearly impossible for the bank to conduct any sort of non-banking business. Warren argues that regulators have given Wells Fargo ample opportunities to fix its myriad problems. 
Wells Fargo responded with a lengthy statement affirming its focus on building a “strong risk and control foundation.”
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