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From the tip of Cape York to the heart of the APY Lands and beyond, this year's Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art crosses the continent in its diverse assembly of more than 1400 artists. The program encompasses major exhibitions at the Art Gallery of South Australia, which feature works by John Prince Siddon, Kathy Ramsay, Djerrkŋu Yunupiŋu and Angelina Karadada Boona (pictured), as well as a series of satellite shows, talks and events running across the state until January 30.
The annual group show from Otomys gallery, 'Smalls' brings together 15 Australian and international artists who work on an intimate scale. The virtual exhibition sees artists reflect on what the title means to them, particularly in our post-pandemic society where lockdowns and border closures have seen communities turn inwards and our ability to move between places shrink. On view until November 3, petite compositions by Ben Sheers, Alexa Vogel and Meg Walters (pictured) offer windows into little worlds.
With her flair for combining seemingly clashing hues and patterns into a stunning idiosyncratic statement, interior designer Anna Spiro creates schemes that are individual and packed with personality. Her second book, A Life In Pattern, crystallises her aesthetic and celebrates her quest for the offbeat and the imaginative, and her predilection for throwing caution to the wind in her decorating style. As she says, "I like my designs to be fresh and full of interesting, contradictory elements."
Redolent of the sweet romance of summertime in Italy, and with more than a dash of la dolce vita glamour, Disaronno liqueur will lend conviviality and flair to your festive table – whether it's served with dessert or as a devilish aperitivo. With notes of almond, marzipan and candied cherries, the 500-year-old drop most famously used for tiramisu has now added a delicious new offering to its line-up, Disaronno Velvet. Pour over ice or with coffee as the fabulous finale to an alfresco lunch.
Located in a spectacular marina setting on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, Martha's Table has reopened its doors just in time for summer. Diners can sample beautiful Mediterranean-inspired dishes at the restaurant, or indulge in antipasti and bar snacks at Arthur's Bar. "Settle in for a long lunch at our restaurant or perch yourself at our bar for a classic Italian cocktail and share plates," says the venue's Tamas Palmer.
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