James Bond in Zurich; Todd Haynes on Freud; Paolo Sorrentino Honored

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Zurich Film Festival

No. 3 | Oct 1, 2021

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'No Time to Smile': Swiss Audience Conflicted Over James Bond Premiere at Zurich Film Festival

The James Bond franchise made its film festival debut in Zurich on Tuesday and audiences had strong opinions about it.

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'No Time to Die' Review: Daniel Craig's Bond Gets the Send-Off He Deserves in the Series' Best Entry Since 'Casino Royale'

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'The Hand of God' Review: Paolo Sorrentino Gets Caught Between Nostalgia and Overstatement in His 1980s Coming-of-Age Memory Play

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'The French Dispatch' Review: Wes Anderson's Dizzyingly Intricate Homage to 20th-Century Newsmen and Women

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