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With all of life’s obligations and distractions, making time to focus on personal growth can be a challenge, to say the least. But it gets so much easier when all the thought-provoking tools you need to do the work are built right into something you look at even on your busiest days: your planner.
Begin your journey to a life well-lived with Oprah as your guide. Part planner, part intention journal, this powerful tool guides you through 12 focus areas Oprah believes are essential to personal growth. With writing prompts, quotes and advice from Oprah herself right alongside your monthly and weekly calendar pages, you’ll stay on track while filling your days with more joy.
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Oprah Planner
Oprah Planner
Built around 12 focus areas Oprah believes are essential, you’ll learn the role each plays in your own life
Oprah Planner
Tools like The Wheel of Life and vision boarding will guide and inspire you as you work toward making your hopes and dreams your reality
Oprah Planner
Set intentions and reflect on your progress every week, with dedicated pages that also provide plenty of room for all the usual notes you mark in your calendar
Oprah Planner
Undated format makes it easy to start or stop at any time—because creating the life you want isn’t beholden to the limitations of the calendar year
Oprah Planner
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