MIA Chief on European Film, TV; Completed Films Up 30% at MIA; 'True Things' U.S. Deal

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MIA Market

No. 1 | Oct 14, 2021

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Rome MIA Market Chief Lucia Milazzotto on Becoming 'The Home' of European Film, TV Projects (EXCLUSIVE)

MIA chief Lucia Milazzotto talks about how the new concept Rome market is becoming a big driver for high-end European film and TV projects.

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'Boiling Point' Review: Gordon Ramsay Has Nothing on the Kitchen Nightmares in This Heated One-Shot Drama

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'Hinterland' Review: An Expressionist Murder Mystery Set in the Wake of World War I

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'The King of Laughter' Review: Mario Martone's Lavish, Ultra-Italian Theatrical Biopic Is a Lot to Digest

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'Freaks Out' Review: Ghastly World War II Whimsy at Its Most Lavish and Lurid

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'Inexorable' Review: A Nanny From Hell in a Nest of Old Money

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