👀 See the 8 most amazing sights at Nike’s new LeBron James Innovation Center

Earlier this year, I injured my knee. Pinpointing exact biomechanical issues in my body that brought me here have required months of doctors appointments, copays, and physical therapy. But at Nike’s new flagship design and research facility? They spotted my weaknesses in two minutes. The price of admission? Free. (But also, my data.)

This week, Nike is unveiling the LeBron James Innovation Center. It’s a 750,000 square foot facility that puts shoe designers, apparel creators, and Nike researchers all under the same roof. And Nike says its top floor—the new Nike Sport Research Lab—houses the most advanced sports research facility ever made. The building is a spectacle full of spectacles. However, the most exciting part about the facility is that 85% of the athletes that walk through its doors to be studied will be everyday people. See the highlights of the center here.
—Mark Wilson
See the 8 most amazing sights at Nike’s new LeBron James Innovation Center

The Nike Sport Research Lab has a new home in the house of King James. Take a look inside where Nike turns athlete data into products.

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How to spot the psychological manipulation behind ‘dark design’ online

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As an immigrant, I was failed by U.S. banks. So I started my own neobank

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Want to stay safe? Move to these cities
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIC) is out with its annual list of the world’s safest cities. 
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIC) is out with its annual list of the world’s safest cities. 
That new metric covers environmental security and it helped put the new safest city, Copenhagen, on the top of the list. Tokyo is now No. 5. Toronto, Singapore, and Sydney rounded out the top five.
“Environmental security,” according to EIC, includes how well a city can respond to unexpected environmental crises, such as public health threats like COVID-19.
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