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"The Best Thing I've Ever Bought"
Sophie Dahl, whose new children's book The Worst Sleepover In The World is out today, shares the one purchase that brings her joy

"Like so many others, I was deeply impacted by the footage of families fleeing war and walking across Europe in summer 2015. It shook me to my bones, those images of mothers spilling out of dinghies holding onto their babies, desperate people walking miles and miles in the rain. Choose Love – a grassroots charity started by a group of friends who wanted to do something proactive – was amongst a group of NGOs in Calais that worked tirelessly with the people living in camps, offering frontline assistance. I went to Calais under their auspices, writing a piece for the Evening Standard about was happening there. So many unaccompanied, traumatised kids living in tents, without basic sanitation, in a first world country. It was profoundly shocking.

Since then, Choose Love has gone from strength to strength, helping over one million displaced people worldwide. They created an online shop where you can help in a tangible, immediate way, funding essentials that will support people as they journey to safety – shoes and clothes, hot food, waterproof tents, sleeping bags and blankets, clean water. They also have location-specific bundles that you can buy for people trapped in Afghanistan (£120) and at the US-Mexico border (£220), plus a pandemic protection bundle (£70). However, the best thing I've bought from Choose Love is the mental health support (£25) and adult learning and vocational training (£20) because for me, it represents hope for people who have endured so much." Find out more at Choose Love

3 things that will help you get your name out there
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Elevate your lunchtime sandwiches with these 3 recipes from Saturday Kitchen's Matt Tebbutt
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Laura Jackson has turned her impeccable interiors taste into an online boutique and we want everything

Nailing down a truly unique homeware piece is a skill that interiors aficionado Laura Jackson makes look astonishingly easy, but behind her impressive Hoste London tablescapes, she's just like us – tirelessly trawling through endless homeware sites looking for items that are on the right side of idiosyncratic. Now, along with homeware buyer Daniel Crow, Jackson has taken matters into her own hands with the launch of Glassette, an interiors marketplace that collates all the eccentric, chic pieces we've been pining after in one place. Spotlighting 120 small, independent brands – some of which, like Brazen Botany, By Otter and Artemis Deco, have previously been championed in Stylist Loves – the focus is on artistry, plus environmentally conscious materials and design.

The handy wishlist feature makes sharing your coveted items with friends and family easy, too. So what's on Jackson and Crow's list? "Sophie, the founder of AWL, makes these incredible throws from deadstock wool (from £200) which are great for winter and Hannah Simpson's surrealist, unusual and distinctive mug (£45), because I'm always looking for interesting tea and coffee mugs," says Jackson. "Pale Fire's parasol lamps (£445) are a thing of beauty," says Crow, "while Miyelle's sculptural designs use exaggerated shapes and unexpected proportions – this piece is art meets vase." As well as a range of exclusives, you can also look forward to a monthly limited edition collaboration between Laura and talented artisans – dainty bistro wine glasses will be the first to launch in December. We'll see you at the (virtual) checkout. From £4, glassette.com 

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Forget skinnies – fashion insiders are all about straight leg jeans right now
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This viral gel-to-ice moisturiser helps to de-puff, soothe and hydrate skin
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