Farewell Marigold, Clare Smyth's Sydney restaurant début, and mango recipes

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After 39 years, Sydney's Marigold is closing

The grand dining rooms of the storied Chinatown banquet and yum cha restaurant will soon be no more, with the Cantonese eatery set to close after almost 40 years. "It's been such an honour to serve Sydney," says manager Connie Chung. "An absolute honour."
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Clare Smyth to open Oncore in a matter of weeks
After multiple delayed openings, the three-Michelin-starred chef is set to début her first restaurant outside the United Kingdom.
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Summer-ready mango recipes
Or how to get more mango in your life. Go beyond the mango hedgehog, starting with this mango and passionfruit caramel tart.
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Slurp your way through these noodle salads
Light, refreshing and full of flavour, these salads are just the ticket when the mercury climbs.
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Tonka's gulab jamun
Celebrating Diwali this week? Make these golf-ball-sized sweets the star of the show.
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