Get stronger glutes | Are you a performative eater? | 6 ways to make fitness easier

What does 'healthy' really mean these days? Introducing our new series, Picture of Health

Being 'healthy' has always been something to strive for, but never has the term been more loaded. Everyday 'good health' has increased in societal value as we've navigated a global pandemic that raised big questions about the role we play in maintaining our wellbeing. 

So, what does it actually mean to be healthy? That's what we're exploring in Picture of Health, our new series that debuts this week. Over the next five days, we'll be publishing a collection of 15 stories that are dedicated to defining what health is, how it's represented and why we have such a complicated relationship with the word. Find out more below and keep checking the Strong Women homepage throughout the week for articles that will make you really think about what it means to you in 2021.

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"I'm a fitness editor but I still make these 6 strength training mistakes"
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Jump your way to stronger glutes with this energising workout

When was the last time you physically jumped in the air? We do it all the time as kids but unless you're a fan of skipping rope, chances are your feet haven't left the ground together in a long time. We're on a mission to rectify that ASAP – jumping builds strength, improves bone density and energises you. In this workout, you'll be diving into high jumps to improve your power, paired with a mix of glute-strengthening exercises to improve hip and knee stability – crucial if you want to land safely. Who knew that connecting with your inner child could be the key to building a stronger body?

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Is HIIT or steady-state cardio better for your physical and mental health?
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Finding it hard to maintain your health-focused habits? These products make it easier to keep fit.
Smartech / £239.99
Can't get to the gym and don't want to fill your lounge with workout kit? This adjustable-weight kettlebell is the solution
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Foodspring / £69.95
Exercise is much easier when you're well-recovered, so load up on muscle, brain and immunity-loving nutrients
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Papier / £24.99
Get on top of your fitness habits with this diary that has space for scheduling and reflecting on workouts, meals and sleep
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Simple Foods / £5.50
If you struggle to keep your nutrition on track, these frozen meal kits make it easy to choose good-for-you meals
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Under Armour / £120
Yes, great-looking kit can motivate you to work out, but these trainers also make running easier thanks to great energy return
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Whoop / £44
Track holistic elements of your health like workout output and recovery, for data-driven tips on how best to spend your day
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Do you *really* want a salad for lunch or are you a performative eater?
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Why being cheered on can help you run faster, according to a psychologist

It's not just marathon runners or sports teams who benefit from cheering crowds – as well as making you feel like you really can shave those seconds off your PB, there's a bona fide scientific reason why even just one positive voice of encouragement makes all the difference to your workout. It's called the 'social comparison theory' and this is how you can can use it to motivate yourself to work harder in your training sessions.

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"This influencer's ab challenge has over 6 million views – here's how it changed my body"
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Stay energised for your lunchtime workout with this simple breakfast granola

Thanks to autumn's cold mornings and dark evenings, the middle of the day is now the optimum time to head out for a run or head to a gym class. That means it's time to get serious about breakfast – a bowl of Cheerios isn't going to sustain you through lunchtime burpees, but who has time to make a cooked breakfast every day? 

This homemade granola recipe bridges that gap, with just five ingredients that offer sustainable energy. The fibre in the oats and fat content of the coconut oil help to slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, so you can stay energised until lunch. We also like to throw in some almonds – not just for the crunch, but also the magnesium which is used in over 300 of your body's processes, including muscle movement and blood sugar control. Poached eggs and corn fritters will just have to wait til the weekend…


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