🧑‍💼 Here’s what 20 years of work can do to your body

It’s been a long two years—which makes this visualization of what work does to your body even more alarming. Poor posture, red eyes, and swollen sinuses can all result from too much time at your desk. But here’s the good news: You can change it! Step away from your desk, do a stretch, take a walk. And that’s really the goal of our coverage on Co.Design—not to just showcase the latest in the world of design, but to provide a window into all the ways it’s actively impacting your life. Here, we’ve collected some of our favorite stories over the last few months, exploring everything from buildings and roads to masks and office perks. For more Co.Design coverage, sign up for our daily newsletter here.
Aimee Rawlins
the workplace
Here’s what 20 years of work can do to your body

Step away from the computer screen!

RIP cloth masks? Why airlines and governments are banning them

Cloth masks, a staple of the pandemic, are now banned on some airlines and in public spaces in Germany and Austria, because there are no standards guiding their efficacy.

electric vehicles
The inside story of Dyson’s $700 million quest to design an electric car

In an excerpt from his new book, James Dyson shares the many twists and turns that went into his company’s ultimately failed attempt at bringing the high-end N526 EV to market.

The $14 trillion reason you should care about the shipping container shortage

Some 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea, which makes the current shortage a real problem.

the workplace
RIP ping-pong. The era of wacky office perks is dead

Young workers don’t care about workplace perks. This is what they want instead.

electric vehicles 
See the road sign that’s about to take over America

Electric vehicles are about to take over American roadways, which means there’s a prime opportunity to replace gas station signs with something better.

The dark truth behind what makes a ‘good’ neighborhood

The government works much harder to help rich people make money off their homes than to help poor people find shelter.

food production
I tried the GE Mella, a Keurig for growing mushrooms at home

Stand aside refrigerators and washing machines. GE Appliances wants a slice of the mycelium revolution.

global warming
Good news: The most popular material on Earth is great for storing CO2

More proof that we can fight global warming . . . but it’s going to require work.

The most innovative kitchen products of 2021

From a toaster that steams to a multitasking Dutch oven, these are my favorite kitchen goods—the ones that have passed my multitude of tests.

Meaningful Work: How to Find Focus and Happiness in Your Career
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