Science proves it: Most NFTs are worthless

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One of the best things about Apple’s iPad is how many gestures, features, and options it offers to let you get more useful work done in less time. And one of the worst things is that not all of these goodies are all that obvious unless you already know they’re there. Doug Aamoth—who recently bought a new iPad Mini after spending a few years off the iPad bandwagon—rounded up seven of the most effective productivity boosters available in iPadOS 15. Spend a little time learning them, and you’ll reap the benefits every time you pick up your tablet.
—Harry McCracken
tech tips
7 easy iPad tricks to make you more productive

Multitask in a jiffy, cut and paste by dragging and dropping, use a virtual trackpad, record your screen, and more.

Science proves it: Most NFTs are worthless

But you’ve got to see this jaw-dropping visualization of NFT trading in 2021.

Work life
Stop telling managers to be empathetic. Try this instead

David Rock, cofounder of the NeuroLeadership Institute, says leaders should recognize a person in distress and respond with meaningful action.

a message from carat
How the pandemic jumpstarted “omnichannel” commerce
As consumer expectations rapidly shift, leading businesses are adapting new technology to unite the best of the physical and digital worlds into engaging new experiences. Read more here.
platform wars
Inside the NBA’s ambitious plans for a personalized streaming service for basketball fans

At Fast Company’s Agenda 2022 event, top NBA executives outlined the league’s plans to bring the game even closer to fans, from virtual ads to biometrics.

90% of Rotterdam is below sea level. So the city built an office building that floats

It’s the world’s largest floating office, and a perfect symbol of the Netherlands’ proactive approach to climate change.

The 15-minute city can make urban living more sustainable—and inspire the suburbs

The simplest way to reduce transportation emissions is making it easier to not drive. And even in places where you have to drive, small changes can make a large difference.

misinformation nation
6 reasons why everyone is trying to scam you right now

American consumers have seen an increase in scams of all types since the start of the pandemic.

What Thoreau can teach us about the Great Resignation

Henry David Thoreau was a thinker who challenged the very notion of traditional work.

Visit Ancient Greece’s Olympics through this incredible digital re-creation

A team including the Greek government and Microsoft used thousands of images, as well as archaeological research, to reconstruct ancient Olympia.

Can this startup for home kitchen cooking create a new kind of takeout?

Shef, designed to let immigrant cooks create food startups in their home kitchen, has been a lifeline during the pandemic.

Disney's Minus: What you need to know
Disney reported its Q4 earnings yesterday after the bell, and in pre-market today the stock is down nearly 5% at the time of this writing. 
As CNBC points out, some on Wall Street were expecting Disney Plus to add 9.4 million new subscribers in Q4. Instead, the service only added 2.1 million subscribers.
Meanwhile, analysts at MoffettNathanson argue that Disney’s lineup of IP—which centers around Disney classic characters, and Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars properties—may not be enough to reach a certain group of subscribers: older viewers living in households without young children. 
The report suggests Disney will need to branch out to offer more "off-brand," general-interest entertainment, the way Netflix does, if it wants to keep growing at a competitive pace.
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