The flawless Gold Coast home of Kira & Kira + 14 beyond beautiful housewarming gifts + DIY Christmas hamper ideas for your loved ones

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The flawless Gold Coast home of interior design duo, Kira & Kira

On the Gold Coast, a couple who set up an interiors business together finally had the opportunity to work their design magic at home.


Get set: 14 beyond beautiful housewarming gifts
These housewarming gifts will make your host think of you fondly whenever they use it.
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4 DIY Christmas hamper ideas for your loved ones
There's no better gift than creating a special care package for a loved one.
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The best tv consoles that will elevate your living room
A chic tv console can be the perfect finishing touch to any living room.
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Why Mitch & Mark won The Block (according to the experts)
Experts weigh in on the shock Block finale.
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8 dehumidifiers every Australian should have in their home
It's time to defeat those weather woes.
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38 pets that turned a house into a home
When it comes to home life these pets have it pretty good.
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The best Instagram accounts for organisation inspiration
The social media platform is a gold mine when it comes to tips, tricks and hacks.
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