👌 Try This Simple One Hour Exercise To Identify And Maximize Strengths

A dazzling new exhibition called Futures opens today in the long-closed Arts and Industries Building in Washington D.C., bringing together more than 1 ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ 
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A dazzling new exhibition called Futures opens today in the long-closed Arts and Industries Building in Washington D.C., bringing together more than 150 objects, ideas, and inventions that invite visitors to imagine what lies ahead. The show is punctuated by a dozen “beacons”—large, LED screens that visitors interact with using hand gestures, a la Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Part game, part psychological experiment, these beacons help visitors navigate a series of prompts like “How hopeful are you that the world in 2030 will be more efficient than it is today?” or “When do you think the world might produce its last barrel of oil?”

These questions were developed by the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit think tank that helps organizations plan for the long-term future. According to game designer and futurist Jane McGonigal, the experience is like playing a game. “When you play a game, you get to make choices, and the choices you make affect the outcome of the game,” she says. Take a look inside the exhibition and read my story here.
Elissaveta M. Brandon
This new exhibition helps you visualize the future using gesture-controlled LED screens

Designed by Rockwell Group and developed by the Smithsonian and Institute for the Future, the Futures exhibition helps visitors wrap their minds around what our future might hold.

5 great online pre-Black Friday gadget deals you can score now

Psst: Black Friday isn’t a single day anymore. You don’t even have to leave your house to save on HDTVs, streaming sticks, sercurity cameras, and more.

next big things in tech
How Kiswe is reinventing live concerts for the digital age

The company’s streams aren’t just reliable and scalable. They engage global audiences in ways that go beyond what even in-person events can offer.

a message from slidebean
Your hack for the perfect pitch deck
Slidebean has all you need to create the perfect pitch. Use their tools to get investor-ready, or hire their team to prepare the ideal pitch deck for you. Learn more at Slidebean.com
Try this simple one hour exercise to identify and maximize strengths

Experience Design leader Klaus Heesch observes whether you’re a people leader or an individual contributor, you’ll want to optimize for your own strengths while leveraging and encouraging the strengths of your colleagues.

world changing ideas
What’s the best way to spend the $1.2 trillion in the infrastructure bill?

It will be vital to identify which elements are the most crucial to repair or improve as the money from the new bill starts to roll out. These models could help prioritize.

productivity secrets
I used a week of vacation time in my first two months of a new job. My boss was inspired

A Zapier engineer says her manager even told her he was going to take more vacation days because he was inspired by her use of the company’s unlimited paid-time-off policy.

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The direct link between company culture and customer loyalty

Obsessing over strategy is overrated, this fintech exec says. A laser focus on culture can be the make or break factor in business success.

The House passed Build Back Better: What’s in the $2 trillion economic plan and what’s next?

The scaled-back spending plan passed in the House with no Republican support. Next up: the Senate, where it faces an even rougher road.

This site sells clothes and home goods from the same factories as luxury brands—for a fraction of the price

Italic has finally opened up its luxury-for-less marketplace to anyone—no membership required.

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Chipotle combines Kacey Musgraves and Coldplay in its heartwarming new ad
Chipotle hits the right note with its heartwarming musical sequel, but Instacart's first-ever brand campaign doesn't say anything about the actual brand. This is Fast Company's brand hit and miss of the week.
12 Modern Job Search Strategies Beyond the Resume 2022
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