✨ To be truly happy, you need to consider this one controversial approach

Good evening! As 2021 winds down, it’s a great time to revisit some of our favorite apps. Over the year, we rounded up our favorite productivity tools, essential software for working from home, and a few add-ins that work right inside Zoom. We spotlighted apps that can help you stay in shape over the holidays, and explored ways to get more done in Google Sheets and Excel. And just in case you’re suffering from smartphone overload and want to give yourself a digital detox, we even recommended apps you might well be able to live without. Dig in!
Harry McCracken
apps to delete
20+ smartphone apps you should delete before 2022

The time is right to give yourself a digital detox. If apps abuse your privacy, cost too much money, or just plain make you unhappy, give ‘em the boot.

google calendar
These 5 Google Calendar features are a must for remote and hybrid work

The ability to set your work location and split your workday into pieces are both recent changes that reflect our new reality.

free apps
5 free apps to help you stay in shape over the holidays

It’s the most flavorful time of the year! Keep those pounds at bay with these free apps.

To be truly happy, you need to consider this one controversial approach

The author of The Sunny Nihilist says, “When we accept that ‘meaning’ isn’t an inherent thing, we can examine it as a concept we create, and hence have the ability to control.”

best apps of 2021
The 26 best new productivity apps for 2021

These great apps will help you organize your digital life, avoid unwanted distractions, and more.

zoom apps
These 3 remarkable Zoom apps make your meetings way better—for free

Learn a bit about who’s on your Zoom calls, ditch the Brady Bunch grid, and eliminate distracting background noise.

apps for spreadsheets
This clever app turns your spreadsheets into slick interactive web tools

Grid gives new life to Excel and Google Sheets, without making you give up the apps you know. It even has the support of one of the spreadsheet’s inventors.

video editing software
This app makes editing videos as easy as editing text

Media editing software Descript is becoming a full-blown video editor with multitrack tools, overlays, transitions, and more.

work-from-home apps
These 7 exceptional apps will optimize your work-from-home life

Improve your focus, organization, and efficiency—and maybe even tighten your glutes while you’re at it.

one more thing to read today
Pepsi Apple Pie and Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese: Why food giants are designing extreme new flavors

Pumpkin Spice Kraft Mac & Cheese. Pepsi Peeps (pink). Pepsi Peeps (yellow). Have the food and beverage giants gone mad?

Meaningful Work: How to Find Focus and Happiness in Your Career
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